2013: December 03: new project announced: NOVEMBER MAN
According to most recent news Marco Beltrami has signed on to score and is currently working on the upcoming action spy thriller NOVEMBER MAN. Based on Bill Granger's There Are No Spies, the seventh book in Granger's 13-part "November Man" series. NOVEMBER MAN tells the story of an ex-CIA operative (Pierce Brosnan) who finds himself pitted against his former pupil (Luke Bracey) in a race to find a woman hiding from her past (Olga Kurylenko) who holds the key to an international conspiracy. The movie is directed by action veteran Roger Donaldson and is currently in post production and should be released in late 2014.

2013: November 27: Marco Beltrami scores THE WOLVERINE
Scoring Sessions recently published an article about recording sessions of THE WOLVERINE. You can check a few dozen pictures here.

2013: November 20: CARRIE CD and LP available soon
CD version of CARRIE score will be released at the end of November and is currently available to pre-order only through German Amazon as well as in Japan. So far there is no information about the CD availability in other territories, although you can also pre-order the score on LP through US Amazon (with estimated release date on December 5).

2013: October 18: CARRIE soundtrack released and samples added
CARRIE soundtrack was finally released as SHITTY DOWNLOAD ONLY! Good job, Sony! :-/
Samples are now available in the audio section. For more details, click on the album cover below.

1. Carrie Main Title (1:28)
2. The Birth of Carrie (2:48)
3. When Periods Attack (2:07)
4. Carrie On (1:48)
5. Headbanger (1:16)
6. Go To Your Closet (3:29)
7. Love You Too, Mom (0:45)
8. Mind Over Matter (3:10)
9. Sue Gets An Idea (4:14)
10. Shopping (1:44)

11. Levitated Mass (2:44)
12. Preparing for Prom (2:02)
13. Trapped in the Closet (1:37)
14. Blood Bath (1:11)
15. Kill 'Em All (2:48)
16. Driving Her Crazy (4:26)
17. Heading Home (2:24)
18. Mommie Dearest (4:23)
19. House Crumbles (3:28)
20. Burn In Hell (1:05)

2013: October 17: Beltrami's Bloody Prom Night - FSMO Interview
New interview with Marco Beltrami was just published today in latest issue of Film Score Monthly Online. The composer is discussing not only lengthy post-production process on CARRIE, but also goes into details about his experiments on the score, developing thematic ideas and his view on SNOWPIERCER being re-edited by Harvey "The Cunt" (copyright Martin Scorsese) Weinstein for release in the U.S. The interview also offering a few clips from the CARRIE is available for FSMO subscribers here.

2013: October 15: CARRIE samples
CARRIE is finally opening later this week you can check at least 4 samples available on Marco Beltrami's official website. Although it wasn't announced officially yet and there is still no release date confirmed, Sony Classical will be releasing the score album.

47 years old today!

2013: October 07: Behind the Score of The Wolverine with Marco Beltrami
THE WOLVERINE behind the scenes (also included as part of the interview below) has been recently published (well, actually a while ago) by Costa Communications Inc. You can check it below:

2013: October 06: Marco Beltrami Master Class from Poznan, Poland
As a little dual birthday gift for the fans of Marco Beltrami (born October 7th) and Ray Costa (born October 6th), here is finally recording of the panel they held during this year's Transatlantyk Film Festival on August 8th in Poznao, Poland. In the interview Marco Beltrami is discussing mostly his most recent scores for World War Z and The Wolverine as well as his recent award-winning and nominated scores for Soul Surfer, The Hurt Locker, etc. Also discussed are various other aspects of his job and his beginnings. Since the panel was basically master class for aspiring composers, Q+A is also included in the end. You can check out the recording below:

2013: September 29: CARRIE theme on Youtube
Main theme from Carrie has just been posted on youtube and you can check it below. So far there is still no info about the score album...

2013: September 25: SEVENTH SON recording sessions
Marco Beltrami has just completed recording his score for THE SEVENTH SON. The score was recorded over the last 5 days in London's Abbey Road Studios and features 90-piece orchestra and 30 members of London Voices with only small amount of electronics. The score is described as"hugely rich orchestral based score with great complexity and organic growth." Still no release date of the movie has been confirmed but if there are no more delays the movie should be released in late Spring/early Summer 2014. Here is at least a few pictures from the sessions:


2013: September 21: CARRIE songs album announced
Soundtrack album to CARRIE will be released by Columbia Records on October 15th, 2013. Unfortunately it's a song compilation only without any score included, so be very careful what you buy. No score album has been announced so far.

01. Ends Of The Earth
02. College
03. Hip Hop Kids
04. Let Me Go
05. Diane Young
06. Young Blood (Radio Edit
07. Live for the Night (Explicit Version)
08. Dust to Dust
09. All the Days
10. Take a Walk
11. I Can Hardly Make You Mine
12. Tombstone Blues (Bonus Track)

2013: September 02: The Seventh Son still in trouble
While Marco Beltrami is currentlyworking on his score (some elements have been recorded back in early August including solo harpsichord) as well as new movie with Tommy Lee Jones THE HOMESMAN, it seems that it will take much longer than originally expected before we get to see the movie and hear new Marco Beltrami's score. THE SEVENTH SON was originally set to be released this Fall and Tuomas Kantelinen recorded his score earlier this year. A.R. Rahman was also briefly involved but claimed to have backed out of the project on his Twitter account. Shortly after the movie got delayed until January 17, 2014 and Marco Beltrami was hired to score new version, which was still supposed to be distributed by Warner Bros. while Legendary Pictures financed the production. But the deal between Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. is coming to its end and while there is still few movies that are currently in production and will be released during 2014 as part of original Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. deal, THE SEVENTH SON isn't one of them. The movie will get released through Universal Pictures who will be handling distribution for Legendary Pictures for the next 5 years and new release date will have to be announced by the new distributor. The movie is still listed as mid January release in Korea and Thailand only. No release dates are currently announced for US, EU and rest of the world.

2013: August 28: Marco Beltrami joins the Varese Sarabande 35th Anniversary Halloween Gala
Official announcement follows: We've been with Marco from the very beginning, with his score for Wes Craven's SCREAM. He's now one of the biggest stars in film music and continues to define his work with an inventiveness that is truly exciting. Marco's creative musical drive has been on ample display in such scores as Mimic, Hellboy, The Watcher, Blade II, Flight of the Phoenix, Live Free Or Die Hard, Knowing, The Thing, Soul Surfer, Trouble With the Curve and his latest blockbuster - Wolverine. Marco has been with us for the Varese Sarabande celebrations in both Tenerife and Poznan this summer and we couldn't be more excited that he will be with us for the Varese Sarabande 35th Anniversary Halloween Gala with the Golden State Pops Orchestra at the Warner Grand Theatre on October 19, 2013.Tickets are now available!

2013: August 27: SNOWPIERCER samples added to audio section
SNOWPIERCER samples are now online.

2013: August 26: SNOWPIERCER OST released
SNOWPIERCER score has just been released in Korea where the movie opened earlier this month. So far there is still no confirmation of wide international release dates of the movie and international release of the score, but the CD can be also ordered fromYesAsia . If you prefer download, you can try to get ithere. Tracklist follows. Click on the image below for more details.

1. This is the End (3:41)
2. Stomp (1:00)
3. Preparation (3:10)
4. Requesting an Upgrade (3:40)
5. Take the Engine (2:04)
6. Axe Gang (2:22)
7. Axe Schlomo (1:47)
8. Blackout Fight (4:24)
9. Water Supply (2:32)
10. Go Ahead (2:45)
11. Sushi (1:14)

12. The Seven (1:00)
13. We Go Forward (2:05)
14. Steam Car (2:38)
15. Seoul Train (2:26)
16. Snow Melt (2:02)
17. Take My Place (5:56)
18. Yona Lights (3:33)
19. This is the Beginning (4:00)
20. Yona's Theme (3:38)
TT: 55:57

2013: August 20: WORLD WAR Z and THE WOLVERINE more music...
You can now listen to some previously unreleased cues from both scores on theofficial website.

2013: August 11: New Project Announced: 1864
Marco Beltrami will reunite with director Ole Bornedal (NIGHTWATCH, DEEP WATER,
I AM DINA, THE SUBSTITUTE) scoring his upcoming epic TV series 1864 - Denmark's most expensive television production ever. Historical TV series is revolving around the Battle of Dybbol, which was a national drama for the whole Denmark, as declared to the press by Bornedal: "1864 was a fateful year for Denmark. The nation lost the Battle of Dybbol to the Prussians and, in turn, two thirds of its land and population, 5,000 troops and a good measure of self-respect. The ignominious defeat became a national trauma that can still make Danes feel small". 1864 is currently in production and will be released in 2014. You can check a few very promising photos here .

2013: August 10: Marco Beltrami attended Transatlantyk Festival in Poznan, Poland
Earlier this week Marco Beltrami attended third Transatlantyk Festival in Poznan, Poland. During his visit he served as a member of the jury of Film Music Competition, did a Master Class with Ray Costa, attended Closing Gala Concert and gave several interviews and signed a ton of stuff for various fans (including this one). OK, some days is just impossible not to take deeply personally and August 8 was one of those for me - especially after missing the opportunity to meet Marco Beltrami at the festivals in Paris, Cordoba and Tenerife; Poznan was not to be missed. Many thanks to Marco Beltrami, Sara Andon, Robert Townson, Ray Costa, Lukasz Waligórski and the president of the festival Jan A.P. Kaczmarek as well as all other attendees and participants who made this year such a success. If anyone pictured below wants more pictures, feel free tocontact me and I will try to dig them up for you (just let me know specific number you are in). Hopefully more pictures will follow as well as some exclusive content. As usually, click on the images to display them in full resolution in a new window.

2013: August 01: New Project Announced: SEVENTH SON
Marco Beltrami has recently signed to score upcoming 18th century fantasy adventure SEVENTH SON centered on young Thomas, who is apprenticed to the local Spook to learn to fight evil spirits. His first great challenge comes when the powerful Mother Malkin escapes her confinement while the Spook is away. The movie is directed by Sergey Bodrov (MONGOL, NOMAD: THE WARRIOR) and features impressive cast including Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes, Olivia Williams, Djimon Hounsou and Jason Scott Lee. SEVENTH SON will be released by Warner Bros on January 17, 2014. You can watch the trailer below and check the official website here.

2013: August 01: CNF Interview with Marco Beltrami
New two-part interview with Marco Beltrami was recently published by Cinema Knife Fight. While first part focuses mostly on his score for WORLD WAR Z, part two discusses his music for THE WOLVERINE as well as his work in general. Check them below:

Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 1 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)
Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 2 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)

2013: July 21: THE WOLVERINE samples now online
Three samples from THE WOLVERINE score has just been added to the audio section.

2013: July 11: THE WOLVERINE details
Track times has been revealed by Amazon. Check out July 7th post oralbum page for details. Total running time of the CD is approximatelly 58:37. You can also check the back cover here .

2013: July 10: Marco Beltrami at Poznan, Poland
Marco Beltrami will be attending upcoming TRANSATLANTYK film festival in Poznan, Poland. So far no detailed programme has been announced, but Marco Beltrami's work (suite consisting of his scores for I, ROBOT, HELLBOY, MIMIC and KNOWING) will be part of planned Varese Sarabande's 35th Anniversary concert on August 4 in aula of UAM. You can buy tickets for 50 PLZhere. More details about festival programme will be hopefully announced soon. For more information about the festival and other guests, click on the image on the right. See you there!

2013: July 09: THE WOLVERINE samples!
Samples from all of the tracks have been posted on youtube.

2013: July 07: THE WOLVERINE tracklist revisited
New tracklist for upcoming THE WOLVERINE soundtrack album has been revealed. The amount of cues is exactly the same so it seems that only track titles have been altered on some of the cues. The CD should be approximately 57 minutes long and the download version should include one bonus track. No track times or samples have been revealed so far, but new cover seems to be available on US and UK version (german version still includes the original one).

01. A Walk in the Woods (1:02)
02. Threnody for Nagasaki (1:15)
03. Euthanasia (1:36)
04. Logan's Run (3:56)
05. The Offer (3:15)
06. Arriving at the Temple (2:10)
07. Funeral Fight (4:22)
08. Two Handed (4:04)
09. Bullet Train (1:31)
10. The Snare (1:32)
11. Abduction (2:11)
12. Trusting (1:54)
13. Ninja Quiet (3:40)
14. Katana Surgery (3:50)
15. The Wolverine (2:21)
16. The Hidden Fortress (5:02)
17. Silver Samurai (3:27)
18. Sword of Vengeance (4:32)
19. Dreams (1:21)
20. Goodbye Mariko (1:01)
21. Where to? (2:25)
22. Whole Step Haiku (2:08)

2013: July 05: Marco Beltrami at San Diego Comic Con
On Thursday, July 18, a number of film directors and composers will participate in the panel The Anatomy of Superhero Film Music: Bringing a Comic Book to Life. Composer Marco Beltrami and director James Mangold (The Wolverine), composer Brian Tyler and director Shane Black (Iron Man 3), composer Henry Jackman (X-Men: First Class, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass), composer Christopher Lennertz (Marvel: Agent Carter), composer John Debney (Iron Man 2, Sin City) and music supervisor Dave Jordan (The Avengers) will discuss the challenges faced when bringing a comic book character to life and giving that character a voice, working with directors and how they collaborate to convey the story of the character. The panel will be moderated by Ray Costa of Costa Communications and will take place on July 18 from 10:30am to 11:30am in Room 6A.

2013: July 02: Cordoba Videos
First two videos from recent Cordoba Film Music Festival has been posted on YouTube and you can watch two of them below. The first one features the ceremony when Marco received first Elmer Bernstein Award for Excellence in Film Scoring (starts at 4:30) as well as selection of various Beltrami's pieces performed during the evening (starts at 14:58). See May 5 post for the list of scores performed during the evening. The other is I, ROBOT suite.


2013: June 29: Cordoba Photos
Here is a first batch of photos from Cordoba, Spain, where Marco Beltrami received first Elmer Bernstein Award for Excellence in Film Scoring, participated in the panel and also prepared (together with Mikael Carlsson) lengthy concert retrospective of his carreer. Hopefully videos will be available during next week. Many thanks to Phil Watkins and Sergio Hardasmal for these photos. If you want to check them in full resolution, click on the images and they'll load in their full size in new window.

2013: June 27: ASCAP 2013 interview
Marco Beltrami earned a Top Box Office award at the 2013 ASCAP Film & TV Music Awards for his score to The Woman in Black. Here is a brief pre-ceremony interview.

2013: June 25: WORLD WAR Z Music Feature
The series of WORLD WAR Z interviews seems to be pretty much endless and here comes another one. Music Feature also shows brief interviews with director Marc Forster and Paramount Pictures' Executive in Charge of Music Department Randy Spendlove. The video also includes number of clips from the sessions. Watch it below:

2013: June 24: Programme of Marco Beltrami's concerts at Tenerife
Programme of Marco Beltrami's portion of the concert at Tenerife on July 12 has been announced. The concert will also feature suites by the other big  guest of Fimucite Festival, David Arnold and will include his scores for Independence Day, The Stepford Wives and Stargate. Steven Allen Fox will conduct Orquesta sinfónica de Tenerife and Tenerife Film Choir. For more information about the festival, visit its official website. Here is the programme of Marco Beltrami's concert on July 12th:

This is the Beginning
Go Ahead
Train Riot
Ec Yona

Main Title
Half Pint Boards
Hymn for Bethany
Bethany's Wave

Where to?

On July 13, there is another big concert planned as continuation of Varese's 35th Anniversary celebration, which will also include lengthy suite of Marco Beltrami's scores (probably quite similar or the same suite as the one performed in Paris last year), which will include selection of the following scores:I, ROBOT / MIMIC/ KNOWING / HELLBOY. Orquesta sinfónica de Tenerife and Tenerife Film Choir will be conducted by Diego Navarro.

2013: June 23: WORLD WAR Z interview
Here is one more videointerview with Marco Beltrami discussing his WWZ score and the movie. If you have already seen the movie and are curious about what changes it went through, you can also check this article, which compares original and reshot version.

2013: June 21: WORLD WAR Z samples, interviews and session photos
Three samples from WORLD WAR Z are now online and you can check them in the audio section. The movie opened in theatres earlier this week and there has been a few articles discussing the score. While all of them have something interesting to offer, WAMG article also features plenty of pictures from WWZ recording sessions. More articles will be added as they become published. Here is a few photos from WWZ recording sessions compiled from various articles online:


- Marco Beltrami's WORLD WAR Z score: Pig Skulls and Emergency Sirens (Hollywood Reporter)
-WAMG Talks to WORLD WAR Z composer Marco Beltrami (We are Movie Geeks)
- World War B: Marco Beltrami Battles a Zombie Pandemic (Film Score Monthly Online)
-Marco Beltrami Interview about WORLD WAR Z and more (The Movie Bit)

2013: June 17: WORLD WAR Z screening and signing featuring Marco Beltrami
Amoeba is currently offering unique opportunity for first 100 lucky customers to to order special WWZ fan pack including access to the premiere screening of the movie, CD soundtrack and poster and also chance to meet Marco Beltrami who will be participating in special signing. More information is available at Amoeba's websitehere. The event is planned on 19th at 9:30 PM at ArcLight Hollywood.

2013: June 17: WORLD WAR Z samples
First WORLD WAR Z samples are now available on Amazon UK. While both digital and physical edition of the score will be released in US tomorrow, it is already available in EU and you can check the sampleshere . Full length samples coming in a couple of days.

2013: June 16: WOLVERINE tracklist
Tracklist of upcoming WOLVERINE soundtrack album was just revealed. So far there are no running times available and will be added later on. Soundtrack album will be released in EU on July 22nd and in US on July 30th by Sony Music and is available to pre-order from various retailers.  

1. A Walk in the Woods
2. Threnody for Nagasaki
3. Logan Can't Bear It
4. Logan's Run
5. The Offer
6. Get Me to the Temple on Time
7. Who Invited the Yakuza?
8. Hold My Sword
9. Logan in the Latraine
10. Matzah-Hisu
11. Abduction

12. Logan's Fun
13. Ninja Knocking
14. Kantana Surgery
15. The Wolverine
16. The Hidden Fortress
17. Silver Samurai
18. Sword of Vengence
19. Dreams
20. Abayo Mariko
21. Where to?
22. Whole Step Haiku

2013: June 12: SNOWPIERCER trailer
Finally first trailer for upcoming SNOWPIERCER has been released and you can watch it below. While the movie should be released in some european countries at the end of August, there is still no release date set for US, UK and many major countries and no soundtrack album has been confirmed yet either. Hopefully more information coming soon...

2013: June 04: DEATCH MATCH (1994) sample
You can listen to a brief sample from one of Marco Beltrami's earliest scores here. The movie tells the story of a kickboxing champ and a reporter are searching for a missing man, but they turn up a series of illegal kickboxing matches run by an arms dealer. The score is mostly electronic with only a few instruments performed live by Marco Beltrami himself (piano, guitar) and Dennis Smith (guitar). No music composed for this project has ever been released in any format.

2013: May 28: WORLD WAR Z cover
The cover art of upcoming WORLD WAR Z album has just been revealed. Click on the images to display them in full resolution. More details (tracklist, purchase links, movie trailer) available through discography.


2013: May 23: Marco Beltrami interview from last year's Festival des Musiques a l'image
French film music website Cinezik has published interview with Marco Beltrami filmed during last year's Festival des Musiques a l'image in Paris, France. In the following interview Marco is discussing various aspects of his carreer including his relationship with Jerry Goldsmith, working on the Scream series up to his more recent scores such as I am Dina, In the Electric Mist, The Hurt Locker and also offers a fairly exciting brief info about his upcoming score for WORLD WAR Z (8:40). Check it out:

2013: May 23: Marco Beltrami to attend FIMUCITE 7 in Tenerife
Marco Beltrami will be participating not only the film music festival in Cordoba, Spain, where he will be awarded with newly established Elmer Bernstein Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Film Scoring, but he will also visit Fimucité 7 held in Tenerife on July 5-14. The event, which is planned as part of this year's Celebration of Varese Sarabande's 35th Anniversary, will also feature David Arnold and the festival will host the highlights of these two well-known composers that will be performed July 12 at Auditorio de Tenerife "Adán Martin", together with the highly anticipated 007 concert. The programme of the concert hasn't been revealed yet, but you can read more about this event at itsofficial website.

2013: May 23: THE WOLVERINE sessions photographs
The recording sessions for James Mangold's sequel entitled THE WOLVERINE has started last week and continued until yesterday at The Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox. The sessions took slightly longer than originally expected as it was required that major part of the score was recorded with full orchestra as well as in stripes spotlighting various groups and offering more possibilites in the final mix (strings, woodwinds, brass, percussions). Some parts needed to be recorded in even more detailed form than that. Anyway, here is a few pictures from the sessions featuring the composer Marco Beltrami, flute soloist Sara Andon, Buck Sanders and composers Scott Glasgow and Diego Navarro who visited the sessions. Click on the images to display them in full resolution.


2013: May 19: WORLD WAR Z tracklist
Warner Bros records revealed tracklist of the WORLD WAR Z soundtrack. You can check it below. Still no cover art available. Total playing time is rougly 44:12.

01. Philadelphia (4:06)
02. The Lane Family (2:47)
03. Ninja Quiet (2:54)
04. Searching For Clues (5:33)
05. NJ Mart (4:01)
06. Zombies In Coach (3:43)

07. Hand Off! (2:49)
08. No Teeth No Bite (3:25)
09. The Salvation Gates (4:24)
10. Wales (5:22)
11. A River Around A Rock (5:08)

2013: May 17: First WORLD WAR Z and SNOWPIERCER samples
Marco Beltrami's agency is now including samples from Marco Beltrami's scores for SNOWPIERCER and WORLD WAR Z. You can check them out at theartist's profile  page on Kraft-Engel website.

2013: May 11: WORLD WAR Z soundtrack album announced
Warner Bros records will release Marco Beltrami's score for WORLD WAR Z on June 18th. You can already pre-order the CD either from AmazonUS or soon from Amazon UK . So far there is no cover or tracklist available, but hopefully will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more details coming soon...

2013: May 08: THE WOLVERINE cover art revealed
The front cover of the upcoming (July 22nd) album of THE WOLVERINE score has been revealed by Amazon UK. Considering that the sessions won't start until next week and the album's release date is still more than 2 months away, it is still possible this is just a fan-made cover, but still it looks pretty good. Click on the image to see it in high resolution.

2013: May 05: E. Bernstein Award Gala Concert featuring Film Music of M. Beltrami
Programme of the upcoming Marco Beltrami concert in Cordoba, Spain has just been revealed. The concert will feature music from the following scores: HELLBOY, I ROBOT, KNOWING, MIMIC, THE OMEN, SNOWPIERCER (world premiere), SOUL SURFER and TEXAS RANGERS. The concert is produced by Mikael Carlsson and Marco Beltrami and will feature Orquesta de Cordoba and Coro Ziryab conducted by Arturo Diez Boscovich. The concert will take place on June 28th, 2013. For more information about the event, visit festival'sofficial website .

2013: May 05: WARM BODIES CD edition finally announced, more samples added
While there has been no definitive and official confirmation of the physical edition of this score actually being in the works, Amazon (bothUS andUK) is already taking pre-orders for the CD edition. There is also no mention of it being a CD-R, which is currently common practice of some of the labels specialising mostly in downloads only. The release date is currently planned for June 11th. More information coming soon. Two more sample from the score have been added to the audio section.

2013: May 04: THE WOLVERINE Soundtrack album announced
Sony Music has announced their upcoming release of Marco Beltrami's score for THE WOLVERINE. While the score hasn't been even recorded yet, you can already pre-order the album atAmazon UK. More details (and pre-order links) coming as soon as they are available. Release date is set for July 22nd.

2013: April 25: Marco Beltrami scores A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD
Scoring Sessions just published their latest report covering A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD sessions. You can read the article and check the photos here . Don't forget to check the full gallery featuring 39 photos.

2013: April 17: Marco Beltrami scores WORLD WAR Z
As mentioned earlier today Marco Beltrami is currently in London recording his score for WORLD WAR Z. The sessions actually started last week at British Groove Studios, where some additional elements (28 strings, electric guitar and percussions) were recorded before the sessions were moved to Abbey Road Studios for full orchestra, which is currently being recorded there under the batton of Matt Dunkley. Here is one picture from the sessions. Click on the image to display it in full resolution.

2013: April 17: Marco Beltrami discusses THE WOLVERINE
 After having recently recorded SNOWPIERCER and while he is currently in London recording his score for WORLD WAR Z, Marco Beltrami has already started working on his next project THE WOLVERINE and here is an excerpt from Jon Burlingame's article in Variety where he mentioned a few details about his next score: As for Marco Beltrami, who is just starting to write music for "The Wolverine" - the fifth cinema outing for Hugh Jackman as the mysterious, long-clawed "X-Men" character - he says "there are definitely expectations, just with the nature of the project. But it's fun to play with those expectations." Even though the story takes place in Japan,"musically, it's not going to be overtly Japanese because it could easily fall into cliche,"Beltrami says. He doesplan on using traditional Japanese instruments (including the koto and massive taiko drums) but "in a non-traditional way,"he adds. Director James Mangold (with whom Beltrami worked on "3:10 to Yuma," which earned the composer his first Oscar nomination)"has made a real original movie here, so there is room for a less traditional score, less of a cookie-cutter musical orientation."He will record in L.A. at the end of May.

2013: April 08: new project THE HOMESMAN
Earlier this month Tommy Lee Jones started shooting his upcoming drama THE HOMESMAN, including cast of TLJ, Meryl Streep, John Ligthgow, James Spader, Hilary Swank and Tim Blake Nelson. There is currently no release date set for this ambitious pioneer-era story, but with such a strong cast, it is already expected to be one of the contenders of upcoming award season and should therefore be released by the end of this year.

2013: April 08: CARRIE trailer
New trailer for CARRIE was finally released. Although the movie was originally planned to be released by now, it has been pushed back until this year's Halloween, also giving more time to Marco Beltrami to work on the score considering his currently superbusy schedule. You can watch the trailer below:

2013: March 27: THE WOLVERINE: International trailer
After two very short teasers released earlier this week, first full-length THE WOLVERINE trailer was just released and you can watch it below. The movie marks the 2nd collaboration between composer Marco Beltrami and director James Mangold, following Oscar nominated score for 3:10 TO YUMA. THE WOLVERINE will be released on July 26th.

2013: February 27: Marco Beltrami to visit Spain Film Music Festival this summer
Marco Beltrami will be visiting this year's Cordoba Film Music Festival where he will receive first Elmer Bernstein Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Film Scoring. The concert is being planned. The other guests are still in negotiations and will be announced within the next few months - so far the only one confirmed is the recent Academy Award winner Mychael Danna (Life of Pi). The 2nd International Film Music Festival, Cordoba (formerly held in Ubeda) is planned for June 23-30, 2013. More information available onFacebook .

2013: February 13: WARM BODIES score finally released
Warm Bodies score has been finally released oniTunes. So far there is no word about CD release.

2013: February 12: More audio samples added
Just added is a few samples from Marco Beltrami's most recent scores for DEADFALL, WARM BODIES and A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. You can enjoy them all in Audio section.

2013: February 05: new interview with Marco and Buck at Film Music Mag
New interview with Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders has just been released by Daniel Schweiger at Film Music Magazine. The composers are discussing their work on all of their upcoming projects such as WARM BODIES, A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, SNOWPIERCER and WORLD WAR Z as well working relationship developing over the last 15 years. You can read the interviewhere and there is most likely more to come.

2013: February 03:  WARM BODIES tracklist
While no label or release date has been announced yet, here is the tracklist of the upcoming WARM BODIES soundtrack album featuring roughly 58 minutes of original score composed by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders... More details coming soon.

1. Music for Airport Zombies (3:50)
2. Into the Greenzone (1:30)
3. Back to the Lair (3:35)
4. Zombie March (1:22)
5. Eating Vicariously (3:27)
6. Why Me? (1:13)
7. Run For It (2:23)
8. For a Few Days More (1:08)
9. Bad Brains / Zombie Wacker (2:53)
10. Boney Chase (1:41)
11. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (3:39)

12. Marcus Sees the Light (2:08)
13. Admission to Dream (5:01)
14. Zombie Bros (3:42)
15. Looking for Julie / Balcony Serenade (3:40)
16. Walk Through Greenzone (2:03)
17. Entering the Armory (2:41)
18. Run from Dad / Zombies United (2:46)
19. Run! / Zombie Saves (3:00)
20. Marcus' Trump Stumps (1:19)
21. Might as Well Jump (1:59)
22. R Shot Alive (3:10)

2013: February 03: WARM BODIES and A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD samples
Marco Beltrami's official website now offers opportunity to listen to 3 samples from both Marco Beltrami's scores that will be released later this month. While WARM BODIES opened earlier this week and earned 20 million USD in its opening weekend, A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD is opening on February 14. Unfortunately there is soundtrack album announced for WARM BODIES, which should be released on iTunes later this month. Check out also full scores now also available for all A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD samples included on the official website.

2013: January 13: A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD tracklist and samples
Tracklist is finally available now and you can also sample all tracks on Sony Classical's Soundcloud page. Total time of the CD is roughly 64:39.

1. Yuri Says (2:19)
2. Getting Yuri To The Van (2:14)
3. Jack Makes The Call (2:53)
4. Everyone To The Courthouse (3:09)
5. Court Adjourned (2:19)
6. Truckzilla (3:38)
7. Yippie Kay Yay, Mother Russia! (1:54)
8. Truckzilla (2:00)
9. Father & Son (1:24)
10. To The Safe House (1:51)
11. Regroup (2:30)
12. Leaving the Safe House (1:59)
13. Getting to the Dance Floor (1:34)

14. Too Many Kolbasas On The Dance Floor (3:53)
15. What's So Funny? (2:30)
16. McClanes Get The Bird (3:00)
17. Scumbags (2:05)
18. Entering Chernobyl (4:07)
19. Into The Vault (2:17)
20. Rubbed Out At The Spa (2:07)
21. Sunshine Shootout (1:37)
22. Get To The Choppa! (2:59)
23. Chopper Takedown (3:26)
24. It's Hard To Kill A McClane (2:59)
25. Triple Vodka Rhapsody (1:55)
26. McClane's Brain (2:00)

2013: January 13: A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD cover revealed
Still no tracklist announced yet... The album is currently available to pre-order at Amazon or Screen Archives.

2013: January 13: A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD first sample online!
Marco Beltrami's agency Kraft-Engel is now offering a brief glimpse on the score for upcoming A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. You can listen to the first piece from the score at Marco's profile at Kraft-Engel Management website.

2013: January 13: SNOW PIERCER score sample
While there was still no release date announced, it seems that there is finally first sample from Marco Beltrami¨s score for SNOW PIERCER finally available on YouTube and you can listen to it below. There was one more sample claiming to be from the score posted on YouTube but that was obvious fake. This one, while still suspicious sounds like it could actually come from the score, which is described as "hybrid small orchestra/electronic score".
Also posted on the YouTube is a little score restore featuring opening sequence of WARM BODIES with full Marco Beltrami's score, which was partially replaced with a couple of songs. You can watch both the final and score only version added to the previous post.




















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