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(v) Marco Beltrami '91MM, on scoring "A Quiet Place" (2018), Yale School of Music, October 31, 2023
(v) Marco Beltrami '91MM, on scoring "The Hurt Locker" (2008), Yale School of Music, October 31, 2023
(v) Marco Beltrami '91MM, on scoring "Scream" (1996), Yale School of Music, October 31, 2023
(v) #054 - Marco Beltrami, Music Composer on films including Scream, A Quiet Place, I Robot, and more, The FilmUp Podcast, May 2, 2023
(v) Film Music Live with MARCO BELTRAMI, Film Music Institute, April 17, 2023
(v) Renfield Q&A W/Director Chris McKay, Producer Samantha Nisenboim & Composer Marco Beltrami, H Dellamorte, April 7, 2023
(a) MotoGP™ vs Beethoven: meet composer Marco Beltrami, MotoGP, March 17, 2023

(v) MARCO BELTRAMI | Io e American Night | HOT CORN, May 18, 2022
(p) Episode 24-Composer Showcase and Interview w/ Marco Beltrami, Measuring the Score, May 5, 2022
(v) Marco Beltrami: BTS scoring Venom: Let There Be Carnage | ASCAP Screen Music Awards, May 2, 2022
(v) Marco Beltrami (A Quiet Place II): the sad, beautiful idea behind his score | ASCAP Screen Awards, May 2, 2022
(v) Opera Joe Interviews Marco Beltrami on Bach by Beltrami, Opera Joe McKesson, February 24, 2022
(a) Catching up with Marco Beltrami, Soundtrax (by Randall D. Larson), February 2022

(p) A conversation with Marco Beltrami Episode 2, Sound of the Movies, October 18, 2021
(a) Venom: Let There Be Carnage Composer Unleashes His Scary Score, Nerdist, October 4, 2021
(a) Interview: Marco Beltrami Talks Scoring Venom: Let There Be Carnage, ComingSoon.net, October 1, 2021
(a) Venom 2 Composer Reveals Which Scene Was the Hardest to Score, ScreenRant, October 1, 2021
(a) Interview: Marco Beltrami & Miles Hankins on Scoring Nine Perfect Strangers, ComingSoon.net, September 20, 2021
(a) Composers Miles Hankins and Marco Beltrami On Charting the Complexity of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, The Award Daily, September 17, 2021
(v) NINE PERFECT STRANGERS Interview - Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins, GoSee Talk, September 14, 2021
(p) Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins on the psychedelia of Nine Perfect Strangers, The Spool, September 11, 2021
(a) Interview: Talking ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ with Co-Composers Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins, Awards Radar, August 29, 2021
(v) Co-composers Miles Hankins and Marco Beltrami Perfectly Score Hulu’s NINE PERFECT STRANGERS, AMFM Magazine, August 26, 2021
(v) Making The Music Of FEAR STREET | Score Board | Netflix, Netflix Film Club, July 29, 2021
(a) “A Quiet Place Part II” Composer Marco Beltrami on Making a Menacing Score, The Credits, June 2, 2021
(v) Open Dialogue with Film Composer Marco Beltrami, Noel T. Manning II, May 26, 2021
(v) Film Music Live with Marco Beltrami & Brandon Roberts, Film Music Institute, April 5, 2021

(p) Composer Marco Beltrami Interview - 'A Quiet Place', The Music Buds Podcast, November 10, 2020
(v) Classical Conscience with Sandy Cameron and Marco Beltrami! Episode 7, Sandy Cameron, October 7, 2020

(p) Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders (Episode 7) (by Jon Burlingame), FOX Scores, November 14, 2019
(v) Emmy Winners Marco Beltrami & Brandon Roberts ("Free Solo") 2019 Creative Arts Emmys, Foundation INTERVIEWS, October 22, 2019
(v) 2019 Creative Arts Emmys: Music Composition for a Documentary Series or Special, Emmys, September 21, 2019
(v) Scream composer Marco Beltrami had never seen a horror film, Epicleff Media / Score: The Podcast, September 19, 2019
(v) Ford v Ferrari composer - "Best movie I've ever done.", Epicleff Media / Score: The Podcast, September 18, 2019
(p) Marco Beltrami had never seen a horror movie before Scream, Epicleff Media / Score: The Podscast, September 17, 2019
(v) 'Free Solo' composers chat on 2019 Creative Arts Emmy red carpet, Gold Derby, September 14, 2019
(a) Marco Beltrami – “Wes Craven liked me because I hadn’t seen a horror movie” - The Hot Corn, August 13, 2019 
(v) ‘Free Solo’ Composer Marco Beltrami Taps Into The Light & Darkness Within History-Making Climber — Production Value Video Series - Deadline, August 9, 2019
(p) Composers Marco Beltrami & Brandon Roberts On Taking Twilight Zone into a New Musical Dimension - Crew Call Podcast - Deadline, June 19, 2019
(v) Meet the Experts Composers: Marco Beltrami, Kris Bowers, Ramin Djawadi, Leland, Gold Derby, May 30, 2019
(v) Marco Beltrami ('Free Solo'): Gold Derby Meet the Experts Composers Panel, Gold Derby, May 29, 2019
(v) Deadline Studio at Sundance 2019 - Marco Beltrami - Deadline Hollywood, January 2019
(a) Interview: Composer Marco Beltrami Discusses A Quiet Place, Free Solo and Experimenting in Horror, Awards Circuis, January 11, 2019
(a) Interview with "A Quiet Place" Composer Marco Beltrami, Next Best Picture, January 11, 2019
(v) Marco Beltrami, Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2018, January 6th, 2019 (filmed on November 14, 2018)

(v) FREE SOLO Q&A, SilverScreen Theater at Pacific Design Center, Hollywood, CA, November 11, 2018
(a) Catching up with Marco Beltrami: The Quiet Place, Mathilde & More, Soundtrax (by Randall D. Larson), June 2018
(p) GCN Composer Interview: Marco Beltrami, Global Composers Network, April 29, 2018
(p) Marco Beltrami on Scoring "A Quiet Place", Ashton Gleckman, April 10, 2018
(v) A Quiet Place || Marco Beltrami Composer NY Premiere Soundbites, SocialNews.XYZ, April 2, 2018
(a) Quiet Notes Soft-spoken Marco Beltrami gets heard in A Quiet Place, FSMO (subscribers only), April 2018
(p) Conversation with Marco Beltrami, Sound of the Movies, January 2018

(v) Marco Beltrami, All Access September 2017
(a) Marco Beltrami: Scoring Logan, Ben-Hur & The Shallows, Soundtrax (by Randall D. Larson), June 2017
(a) Interview: Composer Marco Betlrami on Craven, Del Toro and more, Coming soon, June 19, 2017
(v) Logan Music Q&A with Marco Beltrami and the Crew (hosted by Daniel Schweiger), April 2017

(p) Interview with Marco Beltrami - Gods of Egypt. Mix cloud / Supercalifragilistic, 2016
(p) Composer Marco Beltrami on GODS OF EGYPT, Tony Tellado, March 2016

(v) Marco Beltrami, Fantastic Four Composer, Never Saw Past Movies, Zennie62 Oakland, July 10, 2015
(v) An Interview with Composer Marco Beltrami, The Daily Quirk, September 2015
(v) IFMCA Winner Speak: The Homesman, IFMCA, July 23, 2015

(v) Marco Beltrami on THE HOMESMAN - GoldDerby, December 2014
(a) Contender - Composer Marco Beltrami, The Homesman - BTL News, December 1, 2014
(v) THR: The Composers Panel - THR, December 2014 
(a) Behind the Score with Marco Beltrami - The Homesman - Soundworks Collection, December 1, 2014 
(a) In The Homesman the Wind is the Sound of Insanity - NPR, November 22, 2014 
(a) The Biggest Outdoor Windharp in Malibu - LA Weekly, November 20, 2014 
(a) THE HOMESMAN: Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders' Dream Project - Film Score Monthly Online, November 2014
(p) SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Composer Marco Beltrami, November 10, 2014
(a) From Scream to Snowpiercer: Composer Marco Beltrami - The Credits, November 5, 2014
(a) Beltrami's a Giver: Delving into Dystopia. Film Score Monthly Online, August 2014 
(a) The Giver Composer Marco Beltrami Talks with Music Times, Music Times, August 15, 2014
(a) Academy Award-nominated Composer on Scoring 'Snowpiercer' and 'The Giver', IndieWire, August 14, 2014
(v) Marco Beltrami, Composer, 2014, DP/30, June 2014
(a)  Interview with Composer Marco Beltrami on Scoring for Genre and Snowpiercer, Moviemaker, June 27, 2014
(a) Interview with Marco Beltrami, Film Music Magazine, June 18, 2014
(p) Decoding the Sounds of AMC's Spy Series TURN, Soundcheck, April 2014

(a) Beltrami's Bloody Prom Night, Film Score Monthly Online, October 2013
(a) WWZ Composer M.B. had to pull back "Agressive" Score... (Thompson on Hollywood)
(v) Marco Beltrami at the 2013 ASCAP Film & TV Music Awards, ASCAP, June 25, 2013
(v) WORLD WAR Z Music Score Feature (Paramount Pictures), June 21st 2013

(a) Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 1 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)
(a) Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 2 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)
(a) Marco Beltrami's WORLD WAR Z score: Pig Skulls and Emergency Sirens: Hollywood Reporter, June 21, 2013
(a) WAMG Talks to WORLD WAR Z composer Marco Beltrami: We are Movie Geeks, June 20, 2013
(a) World War B: Marco Beltrami Battles a Zombie Pandemic, Film Score Monthly Online, June 2013
(p) Marco Beltrami Interview about WORLD WAR Z and more, The Movie Bit, June 17, 2013
(v) Marco Beltrami Interview (from Paris Film Festival Fall 2012); Cinezik
(a) Interview with Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, Film Music Magazine, February 4, 2013
(p) A Conversation with Marco Beltrami, X PRX from The Score with Edmund Stone January 29, 2013
(a) Composer M. Beltrami talks about recent scores and working with J. Goldsmith, Media Mikes, January 9, 2013

(a) Beltrami: Tapping into they keys of Success, Variety, Nov 15, 2012
(a) Beltrami dials it down, Variety, Nov 15, 2012
(a) A Place to Experiment and Create, Variety, Nov 15, 2012
(a) Beltrami Throws a Curve. Film Score Monthly Online, September 2012
(p) Fans of Film Music Gathering. Film Music Magazine, September 1, 2012

(a) Marco Beltrami – Scoring The Thing & Scream 4, Soundtrax (by Randall D. Larson), October 2011
Interview Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, FilmMusicSite, September 2011
(p) Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders Interview about Scoring The Thing, Who Goes There?, September 20, 2011
(a) Don't be Afraid of Beltrami and Sanders, FSMonline, August 2011
(v) Composer Marco Beltrami on Sidewalks TV. SidewalksTV, May 2011 
(a) Scream of the Crop, FSMonline, April 2011 
(v) Fear of Death: Marco Beltrami and Wes Craven stop by the ASCAP EXPO Playback Stage. ASCAP, April 2011
(p) "IN"terview with Wes Craven and Marco Beltrami, aPLISSKENproject, ASCAP, April 2011
(a) Scream 4 exclusive: Marco Beltrami settles the score (Q&A). SFExaminer, April 3, 2011 
(p) Marco Beltrami & Wes Craven: Scream 4 Interview, Film Music Magazine, April 2011 (backup)
(v) WhargarblTV Interviews Marco Beltrami. WhargarblTV, April 1, 2011

(a) Dreher graduate nominated for composing score to The Hurt Locker. State, March 7, 2010 
(a) Takes two to Tango for The Hurt Locker composers. The Wrap, Feb 24, 2010 
(a) The Hurt Locker: Mainlining the War at Death's Door. MFTM, 2010 
(a) The Hurt Locker: Bluring Lines between Sound & Score: Sound Designer P. Ottosson. MFTM, 2010 
(p) Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders: The Hurt Locker. ScoreNotes, 2010 
(v) Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders Interview on HikariTakano.com, Hikari Takano, March, 2010
(p) 2010 Oscar, Best Score Nominees - Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders. KUSC, Feb 23, 2010 
(v) The Hurt Locker: Composers Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, DP/30, February  2010

(a) The Prophecies of Doom: Knowing Composer Marco Beltrami. MFTM, 2009 
(a) The Blood Running through a Movie's Veins: Director Alex Proyas. MFTM, 2009 
(a) Bertrand Tavernier Interview (IN FRENCH). Cinezik, April 14, 2009 
(a) Awards Watch: Composers Roundtable. THR, Feb 12, 2009

(p) The 3:10 to Yuma: An Interview with Composer Marco Beltrami. ScoreNotes  
(a) Marco Beltrami Interview. Soundtrack, April 2008 
(a) Exclusive Interview: Marco Beltrami, Moviehole, February 5, 2008
(a) Taking the 3:10 to Yuma with Marco Beltrami. SoundtrackNet, January 21, 2008 

(a) Marco Beltrami ad Abbey Road incidendo The Omen. Colonne Sonore, May 2006 

(a) An Evening with Marco Beltrami on the phone. BSO Spirit, April 20, 2004 

(a) Marco Beltrami scores with genre films. IGN, July 16, 2003 
(a) Cinescape Interview with Marco Beltrami on T3 by Randall Larson, Cinescape, July 3, 2003 
(a) Marco Beltrami Exclusive Interview. ScoreTrack, July 2003 

(a) Marco Beltrami on Blade II. Soundtrack Magazine Vol. 21, no. 81/2002 

(a) Goldsmith by Beltrami: The Master and Student. Underscores, Sep 2001 

(a) Getting down with Marco Beltrami. SoundtrackNet, Sep 9, 2008 



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