Oscar-nominated composer Buck Sanders has carved out a niche as one of Hollywood's top musical experimenters, and as Marco Beltrami's right-hand man on nearly twenty years' worth of prestige films and genre classics. From horror standouts (Resident Evil, The Woman in Black) to modern westerns (3:10 To Yuma, The Homesman), from sci-fi (I, Robot) to mysteries (Knowing), zombies (Warm Bodies, World War Z), and family dramas (Soul Surfer) to heart-clenching war films (The Hurt Locker), he and Beltrami have forged a musical partnership that has won accolades and the loyalty of such filmmakers as Tommy Lee Jones, Wes Craven, James Mangold, Joon-ho Bong, and Roland Joffé. In 2010, Sanders and Beltrami received an Oscar nomination for their spare, searing music for The Hurt Locker, which took their integration of sound effects and narrative atmosphere to a new level.

Sanders grew up in South Carolina, and was drawn to experimental music (and film scores) from an early age. He played guitar in a high school band and continued after moving to Los Angeles, where he studied guitar performance at UCLA. He was working at a laserdisc store in West LA when he met Beltrami, and rapidly went from "helper" to invaluable co-conspirator. Sanders' unique role in the team is bringing a technological wizardry and an insatiable curiosity for manipulating and inventing sounds (as he did on The Homesman -building an enormous, outdoor wind harp and recording piano sounds underwater). "I'm not surprised I gravitated to film music," Sanders says, "because it allows for so much experimentation, but gives the strict, dynamic parameters of a film's personality. For me, giving films unique, handcrafted sounds is just as important to the melodic and harmonic decisions we make during the compositional process."




2021: The Shadow in My Eye
2021: Nine Perfect Strangers  (TV Series) (addtional)
2021: Fear Street: Part Two - 1978  (addtional)
2020: Love and Monsters (additional)
2020: The Way I See It (documentary)
2020: Waiting for the Barbarians
2019: Ford v. Ferrari
2019: Velvet Buzzsaw
2015: All Hallows' Eve 2 (segment 'Descent')
2015: No Escape
2013: Warm Bodies
2013: The Wolverine (additional)
2013: World War Z (additional)
2010: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
2010: Repo Men (additional)
2008: Max Payne
2008: The Hurt Locker
2007: Cryptique (TV Series, 5 episodes) (addtional)
2007: Captivity (additional)
2005: CamGirls
2005: Mindgame (short)
2004: Descent (short)
2004: Flight of the Phoenix (additional)
2004: I, Robot (additional)
2004: Hellboy (additional)
2003: The Night Before (short)
2002: Hunger (short)
2002: Blade 2 (additional)
2001: Joy Ride (additional)
2001: Scary Movie 2 (additional)
2000: Highway 395
2000: Paranoid (short)
2000: Dracula 2000 (additional)
2000: The Watcher (additional)
1999: Tuesdays with Morrie (TV) (additional)
2021: Venom: Let There Be Carnage
2021: Nine Perfect Strangers  (TV Series)
2021: A Quiet Place: Part II
2019: Velvet Buzzsaw
2018: A Quiet Place
2017: First They Killed My Father
2017: Logan
2016: Ben-Hur
2016: Gods of Egypt
2015: The Gunman
2015: True Story
2014: The Drop
2014: November Man
2014: The Homesman
2013: Snowpiercer
2013: The Wolverine
2013: World War Z
2012: Trouble with the Curve
2012: The Sessions
2011: The Thing
2011: Scream 4
2011: Soul Surfer
2011: The Sunset Limited (TV)
2009: Knowing
2009: In the Electric Mist
2007: 3:10 to Yuma
2007: Live Free or Die Hard
2007: The Invisible
2006: The Omen
2006: Underworld: Evolution
2005: Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
2005: xXx: State of the Union
2004: Flight of the Phoenix
2004: I, Robot
2004: Hellboy
2002: Blade 2





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