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While the film related news have been rather sparse recently - except for THE KILLER score finally being recorded a couple weeks ago, Marco Beltrami recently participated ín PICTURES IN EXHIBITION concert celebrating the works of artist Bob Peak. While the first half of the concert presented original scores from various projects Bob Peak provided his spectacular posters for (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, West Side Story, Apocalypse Now and many more), the second half consisted of newly commissioned pieces from 10 composers.

Each of the composers was given a painting as an inspiration to compose a brand new piece (check this interview with Mychael Danna where he discussed the project and his work based on painting of Mother Teresa). Marco's 5-minute piece was inspired by 1983 The Spirit of Sport - Special Olympics painting (check the May 20 post). The premiere took place on June 14th and Disney Concert Hall with legendary Leonard Slatkin leading the L.A. Film Orchestra.

All ten new pieces were also recoded earlier this week and release is in the works. In the meantime, you can check the first clip from Marco Beltrami's amazing piece on his Instagram.

2024: June 26: Anna Drubich: Music for Stage and Screen website
Launching tomorrow to coincide with Mrs Drubich's birthday, the brand new unofficial website will go public. You can be among the first ones to visit as it is available already and accessible through the link below or just go to http://www.marco-beltrami.com/drubich.

2024: June 20: THE KILLER release date announced
THE KILLER is now complete. Here is a photo from the final mix with Marco, director John Woo and Zach Staenberg.

2024: June 20: THE KILLER release date announced
THE KILLER will be released by Universal Pictures / Peacock on August 23rd. So far no trailer or final poster have been released but will be added as soon as anything changes. Check this IGN article for details as well as the first interview about the project with stars Nathalie Emmanuel and Omar Sy.

2024: June 05: :-(
Thanks to the copyright related blackmail regarding one ancient low resolution photo (350 EUR), some of the pages will be temporarily unavailable and while the website will have to suffer removal of a ton of content, there is nothing else I can do to avoid going through this unfortunate nightmare all over again. Since its launch, this website hasn¨t generated a single penny, yet it is entirely a labour of love and has cost a lot of money for the domain name and hosting. While I am happy for anyone who has visited over the years, if anyone would be willing to return a favor and help to deal with this (every bit counts), please, don't hesitate to contact me (just in case my paypal id is the same). Thanks everyone for their consideration...

2024: May 20: PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION details
More details have been revealed regarding upcoming PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION project. Marco Beltrami will be composing his movement "based" on Bob Peak's painting entitled Special Olympics. For those lucky few in the L.A. area you can still book your tickets for the June 14th concert at Walt Disney Hall.

2024: May 14: THE KILLER recording sessions
The score for John Woo's THE KILLER was recorded last week in London at Abbey Road Studio 2. Check Marco's instagram for the first clip from the score and a few photos. Here is an excerpt from Marco's description: "An unusually romantic and fun way to score bloody action scenes that look almost like ballet!"
So far no release date has been confirmed.

2024: April 24: New 10-movement concert work with 10 composers
Marco Beltrami is one of ten composers contributing a movement for upcoming concert tribute to Bob Peak - PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION. Here is an excerpt from the announcement from Robert Townson:
"I have countless favorite classical pieces, but one of my favorites has always been Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. But much as I loved Mussorgsky’s original piece, my idea was to create a new Pictures at an Exhibition for a new age. To have all new music composed and have the inspiration for all the new music be the paintings of Bob Peak. Not his film paintings. They already have music attached to them. His other artwork. He did almost everything. New York World’s Fair 1964, 100th Anniversary of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, he painted portraits of Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, Anwar Sadat, The Band that were featured on 45 different Time Magazine covers! He did paintings for The Olympics and the Special Olympics. For the United Nations and for the Academy of Motion Pictures arts and Sciences. He painted cars, and beautiful women and couples, and the American West. He did so much work, it could inspire 50 different versions of Pictures at an Exhibition. For 25 years it was a dream."
The other composers involved are: Michael Abels, Jeff Beal, Bill Conti, Mychael Danna, Ihab Darwish, Don Davis, Harry Gregson-Williams, Maria Newman and Marc Shaiman. Leonard Slatkin will conduct the world premiere on June 14th. For more information and to secure your ticket, visit Music Center's website.

2024: March 18: L'EMPEREUR DE PARIS CD!
Music Box Records has announced world premiere CD release of L'EMPEREUR DE PARIS. Featuring original score by Marco and Marcus Trumpp, the CD edition is limited to 300 copies only. Do not hesitate.

2024: February 23: BALLERINA delayed until 2025
Rather disappointing news today regarding upcoming BALLERINA, which is being delayed whole year because of reshoots. Check for example Collider for the details. Lionsgate has set new release date for June 7, 2025.

2024: February 15: Trailer for APPLES NEVER FALL
Full trailer for upcoming 7-part Peacock series has just been released. Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins have joined forces to score the series, which will debut (in its entirety) on March 14. So far no soundtrack album has been confirmed.  

2024: January 27: K17 Presents: "Opus Next" Living Composers Series
K17 is delighted to present an unforgettable evening of music. The program will feature original works by esteemed musicians such as Marco Beltrami, Jongnic Bontemps, David Cerquetti, Anna Drubich, Peter Golub, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Carlos Simon. This extraordinary concert will be held at the world-renowned recording complex, The Village, located in a 1920s Masonic Temple in Los Angeles. The Marrocan Room, known for its stunning acoustics, will serve as the venue for this captivating event on February 10th. For more information and to book your tickets, visit Ticket Tailor.





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