2014: December 05: 1864 Soundtrack album coming soon!
MovieScore Media will release the 1864 soundtrack album on December 16th. The CD will include roughly 60 minutes of Marco Beltrami's music selected by album's producer Mikael Carlsson and the composer himself from roughly 220 minutes of music recorded for the series. Tracklist has been revealed and you can already pre-order the CD as well as listen to more samples at Screen Archives !

01. 1864 (2:32)
02. Opening (1:07)
03. An Inevitable War (3:00)
04. Lakeside (3:18)
05. Bloody Hands (2:50)
06. Clouds (2:38)
07. Off to Service (1:54)
08. Confronting Laust (1:56)
09. A Dangerous Man (3:32)
10. The Hussars Are Coming (5:22)                                
11. Overhelmed (1:39)
12. Der Friend Is Der Friend (3:16)
13. We Are Danes! (1:56)
14. Bombs (3:38)
15. Tears (2:26)
16. The Return of Laust (2:54)
17. The Beginning of the End (2:44)
18. The Letters (2:02)
19. Can't Handle the Truth (3:23)
20. Inge's Tears (2:05)
21. Coming Home (2:43)
22. Finale (2:04)

2014: November 21: THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2: ANGEL OF DEATH cd announced!
Varese Sarabande will release the score album of THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2: ANGEL OF DEATH on January 6th, 2015! Soundtrack album contains roughly 39 minutes of original score and additional music composed by Marcus Trumpp and Brandon Roberts who also collaborated on the first movie of the series. For more information, visit Varese Sarabande's website or click on the image below to get to the CD page..

01. Jennet Humfrye Lost Her Baby* (:54)
02. Angel Of Death (1:38)
03. Eveís Theme (2:08)
04. Escaping The Blitz (1:16)
05. Harryís Theme (1:32)
06. First Night (2:09)
07. Eve Remembers (2:09)
08. Listen To Me Very Carefully (1:21)
09. Harry On The Causeway (3:10)
10. Meeting Jacob (4:50)
11. It Wasnít Your Fault (2:21)
12. Harryís Past (2:04)
13. Arriving At The Bunker (:51)
14. Looking For Edward (1:45)
15. Did You See His Body (1:24)
16. Locked In The Nursery (2:31)
17. Under The Causeway (3:01)
18. Reunited (1:26)
19. Where Is My Smile (2:15)

TT: 38:45 approx.
* incorporates nursery rhyme with
lyrics by Jon Croker and melody by Jack Arnold    

2014: November 21: SCL screening of THE HOMESMAN
On November 16th Marco Beltrami participated in the SCL's screening of THE HOMESMAN, which also included discussion about the score hosted by Jon Burlingame. The interview will be published later in Variety and link will be added to this post as soon as it is available. Here is a few photos from the evening. The score is now available on iTunes .

2014: November 11: new project: HITMAN: AGENT 47
In recent interview for SoundWorks Marco Beltrami confirmed he will score upcoming action thriller HITMAN: AGENT 47. Based on the top-selling, award-winning video game franchise, "Agent 47" is an all-new motion picture about an elite and genetically engineered assassin, known only by the last two digits - 47 - of a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. His latest target is a young woman on the run from powerful and clandestine forces. The mission brings startling revelations about the lethal agent and his prey, hurtling them on a collision course with their pasts. And this time, his number may be up. Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, CiarŠn Hinds and Thomas Kretschmann star in the movie directed by Aleksander Bach for 20th Century Fox. HITMAN: AGENT 47 is currently in production and will be released on 28th August 2015.

2014: November 10: more THE HOMESMAN samples and details
Varese Sarabande published following video offering more samples from THE HOMESMAN. The soundtrack album witl be available on iTunes next week (November 17th), with CD release coming as planned on December 9th. For more information about the score and purchase links, check out album page by clicking on the cover image below.

2014: November 05: THE HOMESMAN album details
As mentioned before Varese Sarabande will release Marco Beltrami's score for THE HOMESMAN on December 9th. Album covers and tracklist has been revealed. The album is now available to pre-order on Amazon or ScreenArchives .

01. The Homesman Main Title (3:53)
02. On the Plains (1:36)
03. Newborn (1:31)
04. Picking Up Arrabells Sours (1:34)
05. Sod Buster (1:33)
06. Bathtime (2:53)
07. Pawnee (2:14)
08. Bury Doll (1:55)
09. River Crossing (2:52)
10. Leaving Home Flashback (1:07)
11. Are You Crazy (1:47)
12. Travel Montage (0:47)
13. It's Abandoned (1:54)
14. Cuddy Lost (3:13)
15. Where's Cuddy (1:35)
16. I'll Be Back Directly (3:03)
17. Entering Town (2:21)
18. Briggs Moves On (2:01)
19. Onto the Ferry (2:11)
20. The Homesman End Credits (3:18)                 
21. Wind Haiku (2:27)

Total Time: 45:34

2014: November 05: THE HOMESMAN, 1864, TURN samples
The official website has been recently updated and you can now listen to several samples from Marco Beltrami's recent scores for 1864, THE HOMESMAN and TURN.

2014: October 22: Marco Beltrami will participate in fundraising event for GSPO
From Film Music Reporter: his Thursday, October 23, the Golden State Pops Orchestra (GSPO) will host an Anatomy of a Horror Score fundraiser. The event will include a discussion with a group of composers/filmmakers who will talk about their process and philosophy using audio/video samples and in some cases perform excerpts from their work live. Participating composers include Academy Award nominee Marco Beltrami (Scream, 3:10 to Yuma, World War Z, The Wolverine), Charles Bernstein (A Nightmare on Elm Street, April Foolís Day), Joseph LoDuca (The Evil Dead, Boogeyman, Xena: Warrior Princess) and Nathan Barr (Hostel, True Blood, Hemlock Grove, Cabin Fever). Also appearing at the event will be writer/director Don Mancini (Childís Play, Bride of Chucky). The fundraiser will take place at composer Christoper Lennertzís Sonic Fuel Studios in El Segundo, CA. Tickets are $200 and include a backstage pass to the concert of your choice during the GSPO 2014-2015 Season (concert ticket not included). Visit the orchestraís official website to learn more about the event.

2014: October 22: THE HOMESMAN soundtrack finally announced
Varese Sarabande has announced soundtrack album release of THE HOMESMAN. Third collaboration between composer Marco Beltrami and director Tommy Lee Jones. Soundtrack album will be released on December 9th and more information will be added as soon as they are available. For more info check Varese's website .

2014: October 22: 1864 - episode 2
Here is a few scenes from second episode of 1864 featuring Marco Beltrami's score. More coming soon...

2014: October 18: 1864 - episode 1
1864 debuted its first episode on DR 1 last week and you can also finally watch it online here. Unfortunately no soundtrack album is currently being planned. You can also watch a small selection of scenes featuring Marco Beltrami's score below. Episode 2 premieres tomorrow again on DR 1.

2014: October 09: Marco Beltrami will be honored at The Middleburg Film Festival
Marco Beltrami will be honored at The Middleburg Film Festival and he will receive the Distinguished Film Composer Award on Saturday, November 1.The Shenandoah Conservatory Symphony Orchestra will perform world premieres of concert suites from Marco Beltramiís scores including The Giver, The Homesman and World War Z as well as newly arranged themes from Snowpiercer, The Woman in Black and A Good Day to Die Hard. More information is available at .

2014: October 09: Happy birthday to Marco Beltrami!
Marco Beltrami celebrated his 48th birthday earlier this week...

2014: September 18: THE HOMESMAN sample
First sample from Marco Beltrami's score for THE HOMESMAN directed by Tommy Lee Jones is available below. While the movie won't get released in the U.S. for another two months, DVD/BD have just been released in France.

2014: September 11: THE DROP samples
THE DROP opens in cinemas today and you can at least listen to three samples from the score below. So far there is no information about planned release of any kind. More samples is available on Marco Beltrami's official website .

2014: August 31: NOVEMBER MAN samples
Three more NOVEMBER MAN samples have been added to the audio section.

2014: August 25: NOVEMBER MAN samples
First samples from Marco Beltrami's score for NOVEMBER MAN are now available on the composer's official website here. You can also check brief selection of samples from the additional music composed by Xiaotian Shi. The movie opens in theatres worldwide later this week and here is a brief quote from Marco Beltrami about the score from latest issue of Film Score Monthly, which included interview dedicated mostly to his work on THE GIVER: "I havenít seen the final product. But Pierce Brosnan is back in a spy role and hopefully the music is supporting that. Itís more of an action-y type score. Thereís nothing really that unusual about what I did for it. Thereís some guitar stuff that we recorded here but most of the rest of it is strings, brass, percussion and synthetic elements. I guess itís a conventional score."

2014: August 16: Marco Beltrami nominated as Composer of the Year 2013
Marco Beltrami has been nominated for The Composer of the Year Award from World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent. Other nominees include Alexandre Desplat, Steven Price, Gabriel Yared and Hans Zimmer. The ceremony will take place on October 19th.

2014: August 16: THE NOVEMBER MAN soundtrack details
Varese Sarabande will release the original motion picture soundtrack from Roger Donaldson's THE NOVEMBER MAN as planned on September 9th. The tracklist and covers were revealed recently and you can check them below. The total running time ir roughly 61 minutes, which covers vast majority of the score. Click on images to display them in full resolution and check album page for details.


2014: August 08: THE GIVER samples now online 
Three samples from THE GIVER score are now available in the audio section. The soundtrack album will be released on CD in the U.S. on September 9th and you can already pre-order your copy at Amazon. For full tracklist, track times and other info, visit the CD page.

2014: August 01: THE GIVER score album announced and first samples
Sony Classical will release Marco Beltrami's score for Philip Noyce's THE GIVER on August 18th - three days after the movie opens in theatres worldwide. You can already pre-order the CD at Amazon UK (so far only european release has been announced, while there is song compilation album also available from Interscope Records and the score is currently listed as download version only in the U.S.). You can check out the tracklist below as well as first samples from this beautiful score.

2014: July 29: THE NOVEMBER MAN soundtrack album announced
Varese Sarabande will release Marco Beltrami's score for Roger Donaldson's upcoming THE NOVEMBER MAN on September 9th. Details coming soon. In the meantime you can watch full trailer that has been released recently.

2014: July 19: new project TRUE STORY
According to Film Music Reporter Marco Beltrami has signed on to score the upcoming drama TRUE STORY. The film is directed by Rupert Goold and stars Jonah Hill, James Franco, Felicity Jones, Ethan Suplee and Gretchen Mol. The movie is based on journalist Michael Finkelís memoirs about the relationship between Finkel and Christian Longo, a Most Wanted List murderer who for years lived outside the U.S. under Finkelís name. Plan B Entertainment and New Regency Pictures production's TRUE STORY is currently in post-production and will be distributed by Fox. No release date has been announced yet but it is expected later this year to qualify for award season.

2014: July 08: two new interviews
New lengthy videointerview with Marco Beltrami has just been published by DP/30. The composer discusses mostly his recent scores such for THE HOMESMAN and SNOWPIERCER. You can watch this interview below and also check another interview published a few weeks ago by Moviemaker here.

2014: June 19: SNOWPIERCER interview by Daniel Schweiger
New interview with Marco Beltrami has just been published by Film Music Magazine and you can read it here. Except discussing his work on SNOWPIERCER and collaboration with Joon-Ho Bong, the interview also briefly mentions Marco Beltrami's future projects offering a little info on his GODS OF EGYPT schedule as well as few more details regarding his score for THE HOMESMAN:
"This is such a crazy year with really varied projects. THE GIVER is a teen drama based on a popular book, and THE HOMESMAN is a period drama that we recorded outside and created aeolian harps and a water tank piano for. They are currently shooting GODS OF EGYPT. From what I understand it is a 4-6 month shoot and then theyíll be in post for a year before we score! That must mean a massive amount of visual fx!! Anyway, Buck and I saw some of the storyboards because we had to come up with some music for them to shoot to, and apparently it was in the right direction. Iím really looking forward to this one."

2014: June 18: New project: THE WOMAN IN BLACK: ANGEL OF DEATH
Marco Beltrami has recently signed to return to score sequel to THE WOMAN IN BLACK, which is currently in production under the helm of director Tom Harper. The movie is set 40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, where a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrive, awakening the house's darkest inhabitant. The movie stars Jeremy Irvine, Oaklee Pendergast and Helen McCrory and is based on the script written by Jon Croker. Hammer Films Production will release the movie in partnership with Alliance Films on February 15th 2015 - only a few days after SEVENTH SON opens internationally.

2014: June 18: New project: THE GIVER
Marco Beltrami is currently finishing his score for Phillip Noyce's adaptation of Lois Lowry's novel THE GIVER, which tells the story set in a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world. The movie features impressive cast including Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Swift. The Weinstein Company will release the movie on August 15th. So far there is no information regarding possible soundtrack album, but in the meantime you can watch the trailer below:

2014: June 18: SNOWPIERCER U.S. edition details and premiere photos.
Here are 4 photos from recent premiere of SNOWPIERCER during Los Angeles Film Festival on June 11th (1, 2, 3 4). Varese Sarabande will release soundtrack album for SNOWPIERCER as planned on July 22nd. The tracklist seems to be the same but it is not confirmed if the "train hymn", which was featured on the import release as hidden track will be also included. You can check the covers below and click on images to display them in their full resolution.

2014: June 11: SNOWPIERCER concert suite
SNOWPIERCER is premiering in the United States tonight at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Marco Beltrami has prepared a special musical suite from the score to be performed before the screening by violinist Sandy Cameron and other soloists. UPDATE: Here is the video from the premiere:

2014: June 11: New project announced THE COUP
According to Film Music Reporter, Marco Beltrami has signed on to score upcoming thriller THE COUP. The film is directed by John Erick Dowdle (Devil, Quarantine) and stars Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Sterling Jerins. The movie follows an American family who move to Southeast Asia and find themselves entangled in a violent coup in which merciless rebels attack the city. The director has also co-written the screenplay with his brother, Drew Dowdle, who is producing the project with Michel Litvak, David Lancaster & Gary Michael Walters (Drive, Legion, The Hole). THE COUP is set to be released on March 6, 2015 by the Weinstein Company.

2014: June 10: NOVEMBER MAN trailer and soundtrack details
First trailer of upcoming NOVEMBER MAN has just been released and you can watch it below. As the trailer reveals, the soundtrack album will be released by Varese Sarabande. The film opens on August 27th.

2014: June 10: SNOWPIERCER soundtrack by Varese Sarabande
For those who have missed the original soundtrack album released in Asia when the movie opened there last Summer, Varese Sarabande will release US version of the soundtrack album for SNOWPIERCER on July 22nd. The content will be most likely the same but stay tuned for details. For more info, visit Varese Sarabande's CD page .

2014: May 17: THE HOMESMAN clips and posters
THE HOMESMAN will debut at Cannes film festival tomorrow. So far there is no information about wider release or soundtrack album of any sort. In the meantime you can at least check several excellent posters (A, B, C, D ) as well as few clips form the movie featuring the score


2014: April 16: new interview about TURN
Soundcheck has published new interview with Marco Beltrami discussing his work on TURN for AMC. You can also listen to a few samples from the score. You can read the article and listen to the interview at Soundcheck .

2014: April 14: new trailer: THE HOMESMAN
Trailer for the upcoming Marco Beltrami / Tommy Lee Jones collaboration THE HOMESMAN was just released. The score was completed in early February. The movie will open in France on May 21st and will be also a part of this year's Cannes Film Festival. So far there is no information about possible soundtrack album.

2014: April 07: new trailer: THE DROP
Also released recently was first trailer for upcoming THE DROP, originally entitled ANIMAL RESCUE, which will be released on September 19th by Fox Searchlight. The score was finished a few weeks ago.

2014: April 07: first 1864 trailer
While Marco Beltrami-scored series TURN debuted last night on AMC and we will be able to watch following episodes every Sunday (for airing schedule check here), another epic historic series that will debut later this and will feature Marco Beltrami's score recently had its first trailer released and you can watch it below. The score will be recorded in Denmark next month.

2014: February 07: new project announced: TURN
Later this year Marco Beltrami will score AMC's TV series TURN. Set in the summer of 1778, show tells the story of New York farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America's fight for independence. Rupert Wyatt directed the pilot, which will air on April 6th and you can watch little teaser below.

2014: February 07: new project announced: THE DROP
After finishing his score for NOVEMBER MAN and Tommy Lee Jones' THE HOMESMAN, which finishes its sessions today and on Monday, Marco Beltrami is currently working on his score for upcoming crime drama THE DROP (originally entitled ANIMAL RESCUE), the movie is directed by MichaŽl R. Roskam and stars James Gandolfini in one of his final roles, as well as Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy. THE DROP will be released by Fox Searchlight on September 19th.


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