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2016: December 30: new project LOGAN
Marco Beltrami has reunited with director James Mandold and is currently scoring his Wolverine spin-off LOGAN, which is set for release on March 3rd, 2017. Set in the future, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier must cope with the loss of the X-Men when a corporation led by Nathaniel Essex is destroying the world leaving it to destruction, with Logan's healing abilities slowly fading away and Xavier's Alzheimer's forcing him to forget. Logan must defeat Nathaniel Essex with the help of a young girl named Laura Kinney, a female clone of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman reprises his most inconic role.

2016: October 27: new project SIX
Film Music Reporter just confirmed that Marco Beltrami and Dennis Smith have been hired to score the upcoming History original series SIX.
The show is created by William Broyles (Cast Away, Apollo 13, The Polar Express) & military special operations veteran David Broyles and stars Walton Goggins, Edwin Hodge, Dominic Adams, Brianne Davis, Nadine Velazquez, Jaylen Moore, Donny Boaz and Nondumiso Tembe. The military drama follows the Navy SEAL Team Six, whose 2014 mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan goes awry when they uncover a U.S. citizen working as a jihadist fighter with the terrorists.SIX will premiere on January 18, 2017 on History. Visit the official show website for updates.

2016: October 24: SCREAM 2: DeLuxe Edition
Varese Sarabande announced new release of Marco Beltrami's score for SCREAM 2 as limited edition of 2000 copies featuring 77 minutes of music. You can order your copy from Varese Sarabande. Here is the excerpt from the announcement: "It was 18 years ago, in 1998, when we released an album with fifteen minutes each from Marco Beltramiís Scream and Scream 2.  Both are Beltrami classics.  In 2011 we finally set things right with a Deluxe Edition for the original Scream and now, five years later and just in time for Halloween, itís time for Scream 2.  Not only have we included all of Marcoís score but Scream 2: The Deluxe Edition even includes Danny Elfmanís Cassandra Aria and Cassandra Reprise! If you only know the score from the previous album, this one will be a wonderful revelation."


2016: September 19: HELLBOY: DeLuxe Edition (limited edition 2CD!)
Varese Sarabande just announced limited edition release (3000 copies) of HELLBOY: THE DELUXE EDITION! Here is the info from the label and you can already pre-order your copy from Varese Sarabande Records. "Another epic score long in need of the Deluxe Edition treatment!  One of Marco Beltramiís greatest works, HELLBOY (2004) leads off the latest batch of CD Club titles. Remixed and remastered, now doing away with an unusual audio artifact that affected the original release, Hellboy sounds better than it ever has in this sprawling 2-CD presentation.  We have received so many requests for this one.  A classic score for the cult-classic film."

Marco Beltrami is currently scoring upcoming Netflix drama THEY KILLED MY FATHER: A DAUGHTER OF CAMBODIA REMEMBERS. The movie was directed by Angelina Jolie and is based on a 2000 non-fiction book written by Loung Ung, a Cambodian author and survivor of the Pol Pot regime. It is a personal account of her experiences during the Khmer Rouge years. The movie is expected to premiere later this year but no specific release date has been announced so far.
According to the composer:
"Itís heavy. Heavy. I think [this movie] has the potential to be very interesting. Itís told from a Cambodian girlís point of view [in 1975]. I think itís important because the only other movie that really explores this to any degree was The Killing Fields, and that was from a murdererís perspective. I think itís going to be a very important movie."  (source Film Score Monthly Online)

2016: August 10: first BEN-HUR movie clip with the score
BEN-HUR is finally opening in theatres in this week and soundtrack album is available now through most retailers. You can watch one clip below that feature bit from the score. Also check project page (available through discography) for album details and various purchase links.


2016: August 03: SCREAM / SCREAM 2 LP signing and details
Marco Beltrami will be signing copies of upcoming SCREAM / SCREAM 2 vinyl on October 1st at Dark Delicacies. For more information or to order your copy in case you won't be able to make it in person, check Dark Del's website . The Bone White Color - 180 Gram vinyl edition is limited to 3000 copies and will be available on September 16th.

01. Sidney's Lament (1:37)
02. Altered Ego (2:46)
03. Trouble In Woodsboro (1:49)
04. A Cruel World (1:52)
05. Chasing Sidney (1:28)
06. NC-17 (3:06)

07. Stage Fright Requiem (2:07)
08. Love Turns Sour (4:44)
09. Cici Creepies (1:13)
10. Deputy For A Friend (2:19)
11. Hollow Parting (1:49)
12. Dewpoint and Stabbed (2:15)
13. Hairtrigger Lunatic (1:11)
14. Sundown Search (0:52)
15. It's Over, Sid (0:46)

2016: July 01: BEN-HUR score album details
Ben-Hur tracklist has been announced and you can check it below.  Soundtrack will be available on August 12th by Sony Classical (it should be available in EU one week earlier). The album has playing time roughly 66:17. Also note that the US version is CD-R only, while the proper pressed CD will be available in EU .

1. Ben-Hur Theme (2:52)
2. Jerusalem 33 A.D. /            
Sibling Rivalry (2:22)
3. Carrying Judah (1:56)
4. Motherís Favorite (1:21)
5. Messala Leaves Home (1:33)
6. Dear Messala (1:46)
7. Messala Returns (1:33)
8. Speaking of Zealots (1:26)
9. Messala and Tirzah (1:35)
10. Brothers Divide (1:39)
11. Home Invasion (4:40)
12. Galley Slaves (4:59)
13. Rammed Hard (2:18)
14. Judah Ashore (2:29)

15. Horse Healer (1:25)
16. Ben and Esther (1:38)
17. Training (3:18)
18. Invitation (1:15)
19. Ilderim Wagers (2:37)
20. Leper Colony /            
Messala Will Pay (3:03)
21. The Circus (2:39)
22. Chariots of Fire (4:17)
23. Brother vs. Brother (4:25)
24. Carried Off (1:22)
25. Jesus Arrested (3:09)
26. Forgiveness (1:51)
27. Modeh Ani Haiku (2:49)

2016: June 27: THE SHALLOWS samples
10 tracks (total almost 31 minutes) from Marco Beltrami's unreleased score for THE SHALLOWS have been added to the official website. Currently there are sadly no plans for an official release of the score.

2016: June 22: Scream... vinyl... Scream!
Varese Sarabande will release Marco Beltrami's original SCREAM / SCREAM 2 scores on vinyl. So far there is no information if the album will include the same content as the original supershort album including 30 minutes from both movies only. Vinyl edition will be released on September 16th and is currently available to pre-order from Amazon.

2016: June 19: BEN-HUR soundtrack announced!
Sony Classical will release Marco Beltrami's score for upcoming BEN-HUR on August 5th. You can already pre-order your copy from Amazon. More details wil be added as soon as available. Official website has been also launched and you can check it here. In the meantime you can also watch the latest trailer below.

2016: June 12: New 3:10 TO YUMA concert suite debuts tonight!
Brand new 3:10 TO YUMA concert suite will debut with the Malibu Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Scott Hosfeld, tonight, Sunday, June 12 "Concert on the Bluffs" at Malibu Beach Park at 4:30 pm. A phenomenal and eclectic concert ranging from the Tchaikovsky Rococco Variations to Appalacian Spring with members of the NYC Ballet to a new violin Concerto premiered by the composer and virtuoso violinist herself, Maria Newman! As well as a brand new duo for Alto Flute and Piano with Bryan Pezzone, by composer Trevor Rabin - and lots of other surprises!
The concert is unfortunately already sold out but for more information, visit its official website.

2016: March 28: Marco Beltrami returns to score TURN: Season 3;  Season 1 samples
About 40 minutes of original score samples has been added to the official website covering season 1 episodes. Marco Beltrami will be back to score season 3 as well, which will debut April 25th on AMC.

2016: March 19: new project: THE SHALLOWS
According to Film  Music Reporter, Marco Beltrami has been hired to score upcoming thriller THE SHALLOWS for director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Non-Stop, Run All Night, Orphan) and stars Blake Lively and Oscar Jaenada. The movie follows a young woman who is grieving the loss her mother and surfing in an isolated area when she gets stranded on a buoy and a gigantic great white shark comes between her and the shore. The Shallows will be released on June 24, 2016 by Columbia Pictures. You can watch the trailer below:

2016: March 16: BEN HUR trailer
First trailer for upcoming BEN HUR was just released and you can watch it below. Paramount Pictures will release the movie
on August 12. The score was recently recorded at Skywalker Studios in San Francisco and incorporates various authentic greek instruments as well as vocal soloists.

2016: February 26: GODS OF EGYPT samples
First few samples from Marco Beltrami's score for GODS OF EGYPT have been added to the new official website. Check them oķt at and get your copy of the score from iTunes ... unless you prefer waiting another month for the CD :)

2016: February 16: GODS OF EGYPT CD details
Soundtrack details for GODS OF EGYPT were just revealed. The album will feature 75 minutes of original score, which covers pretty much exactly one half of the score recorded for the movie. Soundtrack will be released digitally first on February 26th (the day the movie opens in theatres worldwide) and on CD on March 25th. Check out album page for details and various pre-order links.

1. Gods Of Egypt Prologue (2:41)
2. Bek And Zaya (0:44)
3. Market Chase (0:30)
4. Coronation (2:26)
5. All Quiet On Set (0:41)
6. Set vs. Horus (3:40)
7. Hathorís Bedroom (3:42)
8. Bek Steals The Eye (4:08)
9. Shot Through The Heart (3:01)
10. Underdog (1:25)
11. Red Army (1:40)
12. Wings And A Prayer (3:01)
13. Osirisí Garden (1:29)

14. Snakes on a Plain (3:12)
15. Tothís Library (3:27)
16. Straight Out of Egypt (2:28)
17. Channeling Zaya (2:29)
18. Return of the Mistress of the West (2:28)
19. Chaos (3:42)
20. Set Confronts Ra (3:29)
21. Elevator Music (3:06)
22. Obelisk Fight Part 1 (4:12)
23. Obelisk Fight Part 2 (3:32)
24. God Of The Impossible (5:39)
25. Bek And Zayaís Theme (4:37)
26. Hathorís Theme (3:35)

2016: February 10: GODS OF EGYPT CD
GODS OF EGYPT score CD will be released by Varese Sarabande on March 25th and you can currently pre-order your copy from Amazon. More links will be added later on as well as more info as it will be revealed.

2016: February 02: THE NIGHT BEFORE and NO ESCAPE samples
Several cues from Marco Beltrami's unreleased score for THE NIGHT BEFORE has been added to the official website, where you can also listen to a few clips from last year's NO ESCAPE. Check them out at

2016: January 30: first GODS OF EGYPT score sample
First few samples from Marco Beltrami's score for GODS OF EGYPT can be heard all over film's official website. Don't get your hopes up, it's only a few short bits and pieces but they still sound marvelous! :-)

2016: January 07: new project announced: LUCIFER
According to Film Music Reporter Marco Beltrami and Dennis Smith are composing the music for the new Fox drama LUCIFER. The show is based on the DC Comics characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth & Mike Dringenberg and stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin Alejandro and Scarlett Estevez. The series centers around the Lord of Hell as he resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the shimmering insanity of Los Angeles, where he opens an exclusive piano bar called Lux and helps the LAPD punish criminals. The series is produced by Tom Kapinos, Jerry Buckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Len Wiseman, who also directed the pilot episode. To discover more about the series, which will debut on January 25th, check the official show website or watch the trailer below:

2016: January 06: new project announced: MATILDA
Marco Beltrami has signed to score upcoming Russian epic drama MATILDA about the love affair between the last russian tsar Nicholas II and the legendary ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya. The movie stars Danila Kozlovsky, Lars Eidinger, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Ingeborga Dapkunaite and others. Directed by Aleksey Uchitel (THE EDGE), the movie is curretnly in post-production and is planned to be released on September 10th in Russia. So far no international release dates have been announced. You can watch first teaser here .

2016: January 06: GODS OF EGYPT ost announced!
Just posted on Varese Sarabande's Facebook page!
"Coming soon is Marco Beltrami's adventurous score to
Gods of Egypt! Mankind hangs in the balance when the God of Darkness overflows Egypt's throne which forces the empire into conflict. Can Bek save the world and his love? Find out in February!"
Pre-order links will be added to this post as soon as available.

2016: January 02: coming in 2016...
With the start of the new year it's about time for a small recap... compared to the last years, there are only two new projects that are known (and it's been a while since anything new has been announced). After number of shifts, we can currently look forward to two movies:

GODS OF EGYPT - after being pushed until April, the movie is now again scheduled to be released on February 26th. So far no soundtrack album has been announced, but considering size of the project, it is most certainly in the works. The movie will be released by Lionsgate in the U.S. and in the past the company's projects have had soundtrack albums released by pretty much all of the labels - most often either through Lakeshore or Varese Sarabande. Both of them have a long history releasing Marco Beltrami's music, so hopefully the album will be announced soon...

BEN HUR - the movie was recently delayed from originally planned spring release date until later in the summer... so far there are no news if score was already recorded or the production delay also altered originally planned session dates... there is still a lot of time left and no trailer or even poster have been released yet. Currently the movis is scheduled to be released on August 12th by Paramount Pictures (in the US).

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