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- (p) Sound of the Movies: Conversation with Marco Beltrami, January 2018

- (v) All Access: Marco Beltrami, September 2017

- (p) Composer Marco Beltrami on GODS OF EGYPT, Tony Tellado, March 2016

- (v) Marco Beltrami on THE HOMESMAN - GoldDerby, December 2014
- (a) Contender - Composer Marco Beltrami, The Homesman - BTL News (published December 1st, 2014)
- (v) THR: The Composers Panel - THR, December 2014
- (a) Behind the Score with Marco Beltrami - The Homesman - Soundworks Collection (published Dec 1st, 2014)
- (a) In The Homesman the Wind is the Sound of Insanity - NPR (November 22nd, 2014)
- (a) The Biggest Outdoor Windharp in Malibu - LA Weekly (November 20th, 2014)
- (a) THE HOMESMAN: Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders' Dream Project - Film Score Monthly Online (November 2014)
- (p) SoundWorks Collection Interview Series - Composer Marco Beltrami (November 10th, 2014)
- (a) From Scream to Snowpiercer: Composer Marco Beltrami - The Credits (November 5th, 2014)
- (a) Beltrami's a Giver: Delving into Dystopia. Film Score Monthly Online, August 2014
- (a) Academy Award-nominated Composer on Scoring 'Snowpiercer' and 'The Giver', IndieWire, August 14, 2014
- (v) Marco Beltrami, Composer, 2014, DP/30, June 2014
- (a)  Interview with Composer Marco Beltrami on Scoring for Genre and Snowpiercer, Moviemaker June 27th 2014
- (a) Interview with Marco Beltrami, Film Music Magazine, June 18th 2014
- (p) Decoding the Sounds of AMC's Spy Series TURN, Soundcheck, April 2014

- (a) Beltrami's Bloody Prom Night, Film Score Monthly Online, October 2013
- (a) WWZ Composer M.B. had to pull back "Agressive" Score... (Thompson on Hollywood)
- (v) WORLD WAR Z Music Score Feature (Ain't it Cool News)

- (a) Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 1 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)
- (a) Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 2 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)
- (a) Marco Beltrami's WORLD WAR Z score: Pig Skulls and Emergency Sirens: Hollywood Reporter, June 21, 2013
- (a) WAMG Talks to WORLD WAR Z composer Marco Beltrami: We are Movie Geeks, June 20, 2013
- (a) World War B: Marco Beltrami Battles a Zombie Pandemic, Film Score Monthly Online, June 2013
- (p) Marco Beltrami Interview about WORLD WAR Z and more, The Movie Bit, June 17, 2013
- (v) Marco Beltrami Interview (from Paris Film Festival Fall 2012); Cinezik
- (a) Interview with Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, Film Music Magazine, February 4, 2013
- (a) Composer M. Beltrami talks about recent scores and working with J. Goldsmith, Media Mikes, January 9, 2013

- (a) Beltrami: Tapping into they keys of Success, Variety, Nov 15, 2012
- (a) Beltrami dials it down, Variety, Nov 15, 2012
- (a) A Place to Experiment and Create, Variety, Nov 15, 2012
- (a) Beltrami Throws a Curve. Film Score Monthly Online, September 2012
- (p) Fans of Film Music Gathering. Film Music Magazine, September 1, 2012

- (p) Interview Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, FilmMusicSite, September 2011
- (a) Don't be Afraid of Beltrami and Sanders, FSMonline, August 2011
- (v) Composer Marco Beltrami on Sidewalks TV. SidewalksTV, May 2011
- (a) Scream of the Crop, FSMonline, April 2011
- (v) Fear of Death: Marco Beltrami and Wes Craven stop by the ASCAP EXPO Playback Stage. ASCAP, April 2011
- (p) "IN"terview with Wes Craven and Marco Beltrami, aPLISSKENproject, ASCAP, April 2011
- (a) Scream 4 exclusive: Marco Beltrami settles the score (Q&A). SFExaminer, April 3rd, 2011 (back up link)
- (v) WhargarblTV Interviews Marco Beltrami. WhargarblTV, April 1st, 2011

- (a) Dreher graduate nominated for composing score to The Hurt Locker. State, March 7, 2010 (back up link)
- (a) Takes two to Tango for The Hurt Locker composers. The Wrap, Feb 24, 2010 (back up link)
- (a) The Hurt Locker: Mainlining the War at Death's Door. MFTM, 2010 (back up link)
- (a) The Hurt Locker: Bluring Lines between Sound & Score: Sound Designer P. Ottosson. MFTM, 2010 (back up link)
- (p) Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders: The Hurt Locker. ScoreNotes, 2010 (back up link)
- (p) 2010 Oscar, Best Score Nominees - Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders. KUSC, Feb 23, 2010 (back up link)

- (a) The Prophecies of Doom: Knowing Composer Marco Beltrami. MFTM, 2009 (back up link)
- (a) The Blood Running through a Movie's Veins: Director Alex Proyas. MFTM, 2009 (back up link)
- (a) Bertrand Tavernier Interview (IN FRENCH). Cinezik, April 14, 2009 (back up link)
- (a) Awards Watch: Composers Roundtable. THR, Feb 12, 2009 (back up link)

- (a) Taking the 3:10 to Yuma with Marco Beltrami. SoundtrackNet, Jan 21, 2008 (back up link)
- (p) The 3:10 to Yuma: An Interview with Composer Marco Beltrami. ScoreNotes (back up link)
- (a) Marco Beltrami Interview. Soundtrack, April 2008 (back up link)

- (a) Marco Beltrami ad Abbey Road incidendo The Omen. Colonne Sonore, May 2006 (back up link)

- (a) An Evening with Marco Beltrami on the phone. BSO Spirit, April 20, 2004 (back up link)

- (a) Cinescape Interview with Marco Beltrami on T3 by Randall Larson, Cinescape, July 3, 2003
- (a) Marco Beltrami Exclusive Interview. ScoreTrack, July 2003 (back up link)
- (a) Marco Beltrami scores with genre films. IGN, July 16, 2003 (back up link)

- (a) Marco Beltrami on Blade II. Soundtrack Magazine Vol. 21, no. 81/2002 (back up link)

- (a) Goldsmith by Beltrami: The Master and Student. Underscores, Sep 2001 (back up link)

- (a) Getting down with Marco Beltrami. SoundtrackNet, Sep 9, 2008 (back up link)

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