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"My team basically consists of myself and Buck Sanders, who sort of co-produces the scores with me and he creates all the sounds for it. He is the one that knows electronically how to do the stuff. He does all sort of stuff. When I write the music he will conform it to the picture, he will tell me whether it sucks, whether it's good... whether I should play it for the director or not. Sometimes he has his own ideas and in this case there was a couple of scenes where he started with like a percussion bed with some of the samples that he created, then i wrote stuff on top of that. In many cases it's often collaborative as well. (...) He's more than just being in a play. He's really part of Pianella Music. I sort of think of us as a team...

Then I have a group of people that I work with for orchestration. The main orchestrator I use is Pete Anthony and he has his own team of people like John Kull. Then I have also on the other side people that I work with. I like their work a lot. They are probably not as prominent in the Hollywood scene but I think their work is just as important and good - Bill Boston, Marcus Trumpp, Carlos Rodriguez, Tom Heil, Chris Guardino,...

On a project like this if there is very short amount of time I am writting up until the end. I usually like to orchestrate myself and early on I seem to have more time on projects. I don't know. On early movies I did I orchestated everything myself. It's impossible now. If I can do 30% of the score I feel really fortunate now  On this one I did absolutely nothing because I was writting up until the end - I had 17 days to write the music - so that's one reason that you hire bunch of people because you want to be able to give them all enough time. You don't want them to rush through it."

-Marco Beltrami
(I, Robot DVD Commentary, July 2004)







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