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World War Z


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UPC: 0093624943501

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Release Date: June 18, 2013
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1. Philadelphia (4:06)
2. The Lane Family (2:47)
3. Ninja Quiet (2:54)
4. Searching For Clues (5:33)
5. NJ Mart (4:01)
6. Zombies In Coach (3:43)
7. Hand Off! (2:49)

08. No Teeth No Bite (3:25)
09. The Salvation Gates (4:24)
10. Wales (5:22)
11. Like A River Around A Rock (5:08)
TT: 44:12


"We found that there are these feral pigs in…I’m not sure where they’re native to, maybe Texas, called javelina,
and they have big jaws. So we got some skulls and miked them up. Then I have a friend of mine who is
a hunter and he gave me a lion skull, and we had some raccoon skulls – yeah it looked like a taxidermist.
We just played around with that and it became elements that we later used as percussion elements
and you can hear that stuff in the score. We experimented in the studio and then we recorded everything
when we went to London. You can hear in the score, in a few different places, these sounds.
Sometimes it’s covered up by orchestral percussion and all, but sometimes it stands out and I think
it helps add to the tension."

  - Marco Beltrami
WAMG Talks to WORLD WAR Z composer Marco Beltrami, We are Movie Geeks, June 20, 2013

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Brendon Roberts, Marcus Trumpp  and Buck Sanders
Orchestra Conducted by Matt Dunkley
Orchestrated by Matt DunkleyDavid Foster and Jake Parker
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios & British Groove Studios, London, UK
Recorded by John Kurlander
Mixed by John Kurlander
Music Editor John Finklea
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders



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