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The Wolverine


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Executive Album Producer James Mangold

Release Date: July 19nd, 2013 
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1. A Walk in the Woods (1:02)
2. Threnody for Nagasaki (1:15)
3. Euthanasia (1:36)
4. Loganís Run (3:56)
5. The Offer (3:15)
6. Arriving at the Temple (2:10)
7. Funeral Fight (4:22)
8. Two Handed (4:04)
9. Bullet Train (1:31)
10. The Snare (1:32)
11. Abduction (2:11)
12. Trusting (1:54)

13. Ninja Quiet (3:40)
14. Katana Surgery (3:50)
15. The Wolverine (2:21)
16. The Hidden Fortress (5:02)
17. Silver Samurai (3:27)
18. Sword of Vengeance (4:32)
19. Dreams (1:21)
20. Goodbye Mariko (1:01)
21. Where to? (2:25)
22. Whole Step Haiku (2:08) 
TT: 58:42


"THE WOLVERINE is a very unique take on the superhero movie. In that respect, itís a very stylized picture.
Most of it takes place in Japan, and thereís a little bit of a mystery to it, almost a noir-ish mystery to it;
the character Wolverine is a bit of a loner. Having said that, there is a sound and melodic structure
and harmonic structure that is used for him, but itís not like a Superman type of theme; itís much more reserved.
I used early on when you see him, in the woods, (a) harmonica. The harmonica has a fairly strong thread
throughout the score, as Wolverineís sound. Sometimes itís processed and treated, other times itís fairly straight,
but it seems to work well for him, and it goes well with the harmonic structure thatís used for him."

  - Marco Beltrami
Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 2 of 2, Cinema Knife Fight

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Buck Sanders, Brandon Roberts and Marcus Trumpp
Orchestra Conducted by Pete Anthony and Marco Beltrami
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Rossano Galante, Mark Graham, Jon Kull, Dana Niu and Patrick Russ
Recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox 
Orchestra Contracted by Peter Rotter
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Music Editor Ted Caplan and Jim Schultz
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders



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Scoring Horror: Interview with Marco Beltrami Part 2 of 2 (Cinema Knife Fight)


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