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Executive Album Producer uncredited

Release Date: August 16, 2013
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1. This is the End (3:41)
2. Stomp (1:00)
3. Preparation (3:10)
4. Requesting an Upgrade (3:40)
5. Take the Engine (2:04)
6. Axe Gang (2:22)
7. Axe Schlomo (1:47)
8. Blackout Fight (4:24)
9. Water Supply (2:32)
10. Go Ahead (2:45)
11. Sushi (1:14)

12. The Seven (1:00)
13. We Go Forward (2:05)
14. Steam Car (2:38)
15. Seoul Train (2:26)
16. Snow Melt (2:02)
17. Take My Place (5:56)
18. Yona Lights (3:33)
19. This is the Beginning (4:00)
20. Yona's Theme (3:38)
TT: 55:57


"The first task was to come up with the "Wilford song" that the teacher and kids sing in the classroom.
Bong needed it for shooting, so I employed my wife and kids and they gave me strange looks but dutifully
sang for me nonetheless. 
After that I began adapting some of my thematic ideas to the picture pieces
that Bong would send me and would mock them up and send them over to him in Korea. I believe
the first cue I sent was the standoff with the axe wielding hooded guards. The idea was to use familiar
sounds (piano, strings, brass) and treat them in such a way that they were alienating, perhaps intimidating.
With this I also sent a thematic idea for the opening of the picture. I held my breath for a bit,
and when Bong responded well to both ideas, I knew I was off and running. 
Over the course of the next
few months as the picture was being edited, I worked at refining my ideas. We would have Skype calls
periodically at my studio in Malibu to review cues and Dooho would translate. One of the major areas to tackle
was the whole steam car and dance club scenes. Buck got ahold of all sorts of train and steam sounds
to process and used that as an underlying pulse. Again, here in this section, the sound world and music
world became blurred. 
I usually understood the gist of Bong's comments, but in a couple of places
it took me a few runs to get it right. The sushi scene was the hardest. Finally, in desperation I think,
Bong told me to look at The Deer Hunter. At last it clicked. Bong's attention to detail and nuance was exacting.
He pushed me to think in new ways, which in the end is really what collaboration is all about. 
It has been
an honor for me to be involved in the process of Bong's genius throughout this project. I hope the score
succeeds at providing a cohesive emotional undercurrent, and I am very thankful for having the opportunity
to get to know one of my cinematic heroes."

- Marco Beltrami
(Liner notes by the composer)

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by TBD
Orchestra Conducted by TBD
Orchestrated by TBD
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Performed by TBD
Music Editor Chris McGeary and Ron Finn
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders


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