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Varese Sarabande Records
SKU: VCL-1120
UPC: VCL05111120

Executive Album Producer Robert Townson

Release Date: June 6, 2011
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1. Dimension Logo (0:19)
2. The Cue From Hell (10:32)
3. Trouble In Woodsboro (1:57)
4. Sid’s House (1:12)
5. Red Herring (2:17)
6. Killer Calls Sidney (2:57)
7. Chasing Sidney (1:29)
8. Cell Phone (1:01)
9. Backdoor Gail (0:49)
10. Schoolyard 2 (1:16)
11. Sid’s Doubt (1:27)
12. Bathroom (3:03)
13. Mr. Himbry Gets It (2:15)
14. Sheriff and Dewey (1:25)

15. Tatum’s Torture (3:02)
16. Sidney Wants It (3:11)
17. Dewey and Gail (1:56)
18. Off To See Himbry (0:47)
19. Killer Stabs Billy (2:49)
20. Randy Almost Gets It (2:37) Composed by Chris Beck
21. Gail Crashes The Van (1:48)
22. They’re Crazy (9:49)
23. Sid Stabs Billy (4:26)
24. Billy’s Back (1:15)
25. End Credits (1:45) 
TT: 63:44


"The Land's End CD had just come out and two guys by the names of Peter Kelly and Chris Probst were both involved here. I had lunch with Peter where he was talking about the Land's End CD. The next day Wes Craven's office, who had been interviewing composers, had not found what Wes was looking for. Out of desperation he had his assistant Julie call up Hollywood On Line, this Movietunes thing. This is where I'm not sure, wheter Julie called Chris because she knew him or she called Peter directly. The fact that I had lunch with Peter the day before and he'd heard an old score of mine called The Bicyclist, which he really loved, led him to recommend to them that they listen to my work. I got a call from Julie and she asked me to send them a CD or tape. I put together some music and the next thing I knew Wes loved it and asked to meet with me. I had an interview with him and he asked me all kinds of questions about my music and what I'd been doing, we seemed to be in sync. He showed me a little bit of the movie and asked me to score the first scene where Drew Barrymore gets killed. We had a meeting on Friday afternoon and he said "We're having a screening and we'd like you to write something for this scene". It was a cue that is thirteen and a half minutes long that I had to do. They wanted it on Sunday so they could cut it in for Monday. So I said "Okay" and I was nervous as hell, but I went home and wrote the scene, gave it to Patick the editor, he cut it in, and Wes heard it. I was sitting there when Wes heard it and I was so nervous, but he loved it and they sent it to New York and the Weinsteins heard it and loved it. The rest is history. I got the job and it worked out great"

- Marco Beltrami
Music from the Movies, Winter 1997, Issue 18

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Orchestra Conducted by Marco Beltrami
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Bill Boston, Marco Beltrami and Kevin Manthei
Recorded and Mixed at Warner Bros. Studios
Recorded and Mixed by Tim Boyle
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Orchestra Contracted by Ken Watson
Music Preparation by Julian Bratolyubov
Music Editor Gedney Webb
Produced by Marco Beltrami



Other Versions
Scream (album): TVT Records, 11 tracks, TT: 46:13 (3:26 M.B.)
Scream / Scream 2 (original scores): Varese Sarabande, VSD-5959, 6+9 tracks, TT: 30:00
Scream / Scream 2 (Promotional): unreleased, 25 tracks, TT: 55:55
Scream (promotional): unreleased, 15 tracks, TT: 37:53
Scream (bootleg): unreleased, 38 tracks, TT: 71:15
Scream (bootleg): Woodsboro Entertainment, SID-CD20091996, 40 tracks, TT: 89:59


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