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Resident Evil


RoadRunner Records
SKU: RR 8450

Executive Album Producer TBA

Release Date: March 12, 2002
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1. My Plague (3:01) Slipknot 
2. The Fight Song (3:49) Marilyn Manson 
3. Something Told Me (3:22) Coal Chamber 
4. Name Of The Game (3:33) The Crystal Method 
5. Everyone (3:34) Adema 
6. Invisible Wounds (3:36) Fear Factory 
7. Anything But This (4:04) Static X 
8. Halleluja (3:38) Rammstein 
9. Dirt (4:57) Depeche Mode 
10. What Comes Around (4:27) Ill Nino 

11. Dig (4:57) Mudvayne
12. Release Yo Delph (5:55) Method Man
13. 800 (4:37) Saliva
14. The Infinity (4:26) Five Point O

15. Main Title Theme (2:09)
16. Seizure of Power (3:50)
17. Reunion (2:46)
18. Cleansing (5:11) 
TT: 71:52


"We would meet and play each other the scenes we were working on. He would come over here with Paul and we'd sit down and I'd play the material I was working on. Manson would get a feel for what I was doing because he might be working on the next scene, so he would need to get a feel for my sound. Vice versa, I would go over there and see what he was doing, so we were in sync easthetically. Also we traded a few sounds, I used some of his sounds and I gave him some of mine. There was one scene where I started the cue, I gave him what I had, then he continued the bed laid down and wrote something over it. That was when "The Red Queen" appears as a hologram and tells them that they are all going to die in there."

- Marco Beltrami
Music from the Movies interview, April 2002

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami and Marilyn Manson
Additional Music by  Kevin Manthei  and Dennis Smith
Orchestra Conducted by XXXX and XXXX
Orchestrated by XXXX
Recorded at XXX
Mixed at XXXX

Recorded and Mixed by XXXX
Performed by XXXX
Orchestra Contracted by XXXX
Music Preparation by XXXX
Music Editor XXXX
Produced by XXXX



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Resident Evil (bootleg): unreleased, 29 tracks, TT: 55:02
Resident Evil (bootleg): Addicted Artists Association, ALICE-CD20022007, 52 tracks, TT: 89:56


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