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SKU: VSD-6956
UPC: 030206695625

Executive Album Producer Robert Townson

Release Date: March 24, 2009
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1. Main Titles (2:11)
2. Door Jam (3:10)
3. EMT (2:19)
4. John and Caleb (1:59)
5. New York (4:12)
6. Aftermath (1:46)
7. Not a Kid Anymore (1:56)
8. Moose on the Loose (2:20)
9. Stalking the Waylands (1:24)
10. Numerology (3:06)
11. Itís the Sun (2:44)
12. John Spills (3:26)

13. Trailer Music (3:21)
14. 33 (3:29)
15. Loudmouth (2:43)
16. Revelations (3:29)
17. Thataway! (2:06)
18. Shock and Aww (4:00)
19. Caleb Leaves (7:09)
20. Roll Over Beethoven (4:15)
21. New World Round (2:59)
22. Who Wants an Apple? (1:35)

TT: 65:43


"The part in the film I worked on was where Nic Cage had a few drinks, heís at his chalkboard and heís writing down the numbers, we called it Numerology; heís actually putting the pieces together. This branched out into many other areas. The idea behind this was a twelve tone row, twelve different notes because itís not in any key; it has this randomness to it. The idea was to have all the notes line up together, when you play them all together you canít tell what pitch it is, it just sounds like a chord of twelve notes together, thereís no structure to it. If you slowly space them out by each one coming a little bit later, then you end up with an actual twelve pitches and you have an order. From this disorder, from it just sounding like noise, from out of this random noise concept, you get order. That was the concept that spread into everything else."

- Marco Beltrami
Music from the Movies, March 2009

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Marcus Trumpp
Orchestra Conducted by Brett Kelly and Brett Weymark
Orchestrated by Rossano Galante, Dana Niu, Bill Boston and Marcus Trumpp
Recorded at Trackdown Scoring Stage, Sydney
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Performed by The Sydney Scoring Orchestra and The Song Company
Orchestra Contracted by Alex Henery
Music Editor Tim Ryan and Simon Leadley
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders



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