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I am Dina


Decca Records
SKU: 017 509-2
UPC: 044001750922

Executive Album Producer uncredited

Release Date: 2002
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1. I Am Dina (5:02)
2. Graveyard (2:35)
3. Dina's Etude (2:05)
4. Dina Delivers (1:31)
5. Marco Marries Dina (1:51)
6. Firklover String Jig (1:19)
7. Dina Tunes Out (1:15)
8. Organ Grinder (1:55)
9. Lorch Serenades (1:38)
10. Love & Marriage (3:40)
11. America or Bust (2:01)
12. Goodbye Lorch (1:36)
13. Labor Pains (1:38)
14. Good Will Hunting (1:04)

15. Slow Dingo (2:04)
16. Can't Buy Me Luv (2:32)
17. Firklover Piano (0:43)
18. Swiss Miss (1:53)
19. We are Dina (2:09)
20. Dina's Lullaby (featuring Jorane) (3:13)
21. She Said (featuring Jorane) (3:06)
22. Dina's Firklover Party (1:59)
23. Dit-elle - composed & performed by Jorane (4:09)
24. Film III - composed & performed by Jorane (5:24)
25. Dina - composed & performed by Jorane (3:53)
TT: 60:24


"In writing I am Dina I had the chance to work with Ole directly in Norway (north of the country where they were shooting) and there were a series of things that were very inspiring. One of them was the fact that it was summer and the sun never sets (as it's close to the North Pole) and the other one was the movie itself. I found a lot of ideas in the movie being a period piece (it takes place in the 19th Century) about a crazy Norwegian cello player... and I wanted the music to reflect some of the folk identity of the time and yet because of the state of mind of the character, it had to be very original and that's why you find so different elements throughout the music... I was very challenging and definitely one of the most fun projects that I have done... it's a pity it never showed here in the USA."

- Marco Beltrami
An Evening with Marco Beltrami on the Phone (BSO Spirit), April 2004

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Orchestra Conducted by Marco Beltrami
Orchestrated by Bill Boston, Ceiri Torjussen and Marco Beltrami
Recorded at uncredited
Mixed at uncredited

Recorded and Mixed by uncredited
Performed by Gurzenich Orchester Kolner
Orchestra Contracted by Albert Jung
Music Preparation by uncredited
Music Editor Thomas Lester
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders



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