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Gods of Egypt


Varese Sarabande
UPC: 030206740189

Executive Album Producer Robert Townson

Release Date: March 25, 2016
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1. Gods Of Egypt Prologue (2:41)
2. Bek And Zaya (0:44)
3. Market Chase (0:30)
4. Coronation (2:26)
5. All Quiet On Set (0:41)
6. Set vs. Horus (3:40)
7. Hathor’s Bedroom (3:42)
8. Bek Steals The Eye (4:08)
9. Shot Through The Heart (3:01)
10. Underdog (1:25)
11. Red Army (1:40)
12. Wings And A Prayer (3:01)
13. Osiris’ Garden (1:29)
14. Snakes on a Plain (3:12)

15. Toth’s Library (3:27)
16. Straight Out of Egypt (2:28)
17. Channeling Zaya (2:29)
18. Return of the Mistress of the West (2:28)
19. Chaos (3:42)
20. Set Confronts Ra (3:29)
21. Elevator Music (3:06)
22. Obelisk Fight Part 1 (4:12)
23. Obelisk Fight Part 2 (3:32)
24. God Of The Impossible (5:39)
25. Bek And Zaya’s Theme (4:37)
26. Hathor’s Theme (3:35)
TT: 75:04


“The magnitude of score is beyond anything I have done before. This two and half hour score is the biggest film score project I have ever undertaken, after all these years that it saying something. Just mixing it took over a month but it was all worth it as it is really fun to stretch my wings a bit. The director Alex Proyas and I did some great research together to create the right sound. We watched some of the great films that reflected the area and sensibility we are going for (such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Black Narcissus and Lawrence of Arabia) together as these were influences of his for the film and wanted the music to perform a similar thematic function. After that I did my best to deliver.”

- Marco Beltrami
PR Soundtrack album announcement

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Orchestra Conducted by Pete Anthony
Additional Music by Marcus Trumpp
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Marcus Trumpp, Jeff Atmajian, Rossano Galante,
Mark Graham, Jon Kull, Dana Niu and Edward Rybek

Performed by Sydney Scoring Orchestra and Choir
Recorded at Trackdown Scoring Stage, Sydney, Australia
Recorded by John Kurlander
Mixed by John Kurlander and Tyson Lozensky 
Assistant Engineer Evan McHugh
Orchestra and Choir Contracted by Alex Henery and Jasper Randall
Music Preparation by Mark Graham, Jonathan Bartz, Luke Flynn, Riley Hughes and Andrew Rowan
Music Editors Tim Ryan and Jim Schultz
Executive in Charge of Music Carter Armstrong
Produced by   Buck Sanders



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