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Flight of the Phoenix


Varese Sarabande Records
SKU: VSD-6628
UPC: 030206662825

Executive Album Producer Robert Townson

Release Date: December 7, 2004
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1. Elliot (3:08)
2. Approaching Storm (3:20)
3. Desert Funeral (1:27)
4. Frank´s Plea (2:41)
5. Electrical Storm (1:16)
6. They can deal (0:59)
7. Night One (2:36)
8. Heat Dream (4:22)
9. Elliot counts on runway (0:51)
10. Nomad´s Alive (3:22)
11. Model Citizen (3:12)

12. Man Missing (1:16)
13. Heat Stroke (1:36)
14. Men Hugging (1:29)
15. Dangers of the Desert (1:26)
16. Day Labor (1:32)
17. Wing Crash (1:15)
18. Nomad Surprise (3:04)
19. Homeward (1:25)
TT: 40:19


"Petra Haden is really easy to work with, has a lot of great ideas, and is very musical. On this film it was a great collaboration because if the story takes place in the desert, it should have an Arabic type of Middle Eastern flair to the voice. I didn't want to do something with a traditional Persian singer because all of a sudden it can go into the realm of cliché. I thought it would be a lot fun to take someone who doesn't sing in this style and just pretend. That's what Petra did and it turned out well. There are no lyrics here, just some melodic notation and a lot of time she just went off and improvised creating her own articulations. She performed on quite a few cues including Elliot, Frank's Plea and Heat Dream."

- Marco Beltrami
Music from the Movies, November 2004

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Orchestra Conducted by Marco Beltrami and Pete Anthony
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Bill Boston, Jon Kull, Carlos Rodriguez, Marcus Trumpp and Ceiri Torjussen
Recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony and Hollywood Film Chorale
Orchestra Contracted by Sandy DeCrescent
Music Preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Services
Music Editor Bill Abbott
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders



Other Versions
Flight of the Phoenix (bootleg): unreleased, 28 tracks, TT: 60:47


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