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Blade II


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Executive Album Producer Robert Townson

Release Date: June 4, 2002
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1. Nomack The Knife (3:31)
2. Waiting For The Sun (2:30)
3. Blade II (Main Title) (3:02)
4. Suckheads Infiltrate (2:19)
5. Nyssa Sucks (1:52)
6. B Slice (1:10)
7. House Of Paincakes (4:53)
8. Blade Pops A Cold One (0:54)
9. Family Feud (2:21)

10. Charge Of The Light Grenade (3:03)
11. Blade’s Discharge (1:35)
12. Priest Splits (1:23)
13. Nomack Snacks (1:19)
14. Back in Black (:46)
15. Nyssa Over Easy (1:31)
16. Wind & The Willows (Abayo) (1:21)
TT: 33:47


"The film was temped with a considerable amount of my music from other movies, but overall my ideas first started as timbral ideas. After we saw the movie, Buck Sanders created a lot of sounds that we could use for the film. It was out of these sounds that I developed my melodic ideas. Some of them I developed with Buck, some on my own. Rhythmical ideas, the idea for creating this Japanese element to the score, the Taiko ensemble was Guillermo’s idea. In terms of using the Shakuhachi and the other Japanese elements, it was evident from watching the film that there’s a side to Blade that’s like a Samurai. There’s this meditative state to him, there’s this whole way he carries himself, so I thought that using the musical elements of a monk singer, the Shakuhachi, and the Koto, became evident from watching the movie."

- Marco Beltrami
Soundtrack Magazine Vol.21/No.81/2002

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Danny Saber
Orchestra Conducted by Marco Beltrami
Orchestrated by Marco Beltrami, Pete Anthony, Bill Boston, Ceiri Torjussen,
Carlos Rodriguez, Blake Neely and Bruce Fowler

Recorded at Todd-Ao Scoring Stage
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Orchestra Contracted by Sandy DeCrescent
Music Preparation by Julian Bratolyubov
Music Editor Bill Abbott and Denise Okimoto
Produced by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders



Other Versions
Blade II (album):
Blade II (bootleg): unreleased, 16+12 tracks, TT: 89:04
Blade II (DVDrip): unreleased, 44 tracks, TT: 101:07
Blade II (bootleg with Suites): unreleased, 24+22 tracks, TT: 128:19


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